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Why will a car not start unless it is jumped started?

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bad battery, and bad alternator not keeping it charged - also bad connections to the battery or loose wire connections on the alternator.

2006-07-28 00:26:23
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Car will not start unless the battery is jumped started but the battery is okay what could be wrong with the 1995 Chevy blazer?


Car wouldn't start battery flat jumped started the car now the engine light has come on why?

You will have to have the code checked to know why.

If the timing has jumped will the car start?

no the car will not start timing has to be set again

Car won't start unless it is jumped with cables?

needs new battery or starter drawing too much current

2006 Toyota Corolla yesterday car was slow to start and once started interior lights flickered on and off. Today car will not start unless jumped.?

Get a new battery.But also have the charging system checked .The alternator can drain the battery if the internal regulator goes bad .

Why does the car dont start unless jumped when it already has new battery and new alternator?

Are your battery cable connections clean and tight ?

What is wrong when you try to start the car and you get no sound but the car starts when jumped?

your battery is dead

Your car was jumped and started but died slowley after cables were off?

your alternator is bad

Why car won't run unless jumped by another car?

The battery is weak and should be replaced, with a charged one or new one.

What does it mean when a car wont start without being jumped and dies when it idles?

Defective alternator.

What is Warm start and cold-start?

warm start is when your car has already been started an is hot, a cold start is wheen you have just started the car for the first time of the day, or month....

Start button car how it works?

it started the car to grive

What happens when the car starts but the key won't start the car?

If the Car didn't start with the key turning the ignition then the car was "hotwired" to turn the Car on.If the key did not start the car, how was it started.

My Lexus es300 wouldn't start and I had it jumped started and started to drive away but then all of the electrical went out and the car just stopped running and I am wondering what is wrong?

I had the same thing happen. The battery cable came off the battery in my case, loose connection.

How do you start a car that doesnt want to start?

my car does not start it stalled once i started then stalled and started again drove home then it diddnt start at all.. fuel pump not priming either

Car battery has to be jumped everytime you start the car but runs fine till you turn the car off?

You car battery, or the connections to it, are bad. It can run on the alternator once engine is going.

How do you start your car after it stalls?

The same way you started it

Should the clutch pop if car is started in gear?

no, but the car should explode if started in gear. ALWAYS START IN NEUTRAL!!!!!

Why will my car not start unless i press on the gas pedal?

if it has a carburetor it is normal

1983 camery started car battery bad car died after 1 min put in new battery started car it ran for 1 to 2 minutes then died won't start what is wrong where do i start it will grind just won't start?

crank sensor

What do you do when your car hasn't been started in over a year?

start it again??? call a car person

How do you get your car started after it runs out of gas?

You can't unless you call someone and they will give you gas.

I left the lights on in my 1993 Dodge Spirit killing the battery and after jump the battery charges but upon turning the key it slowly dies and engine won't stay on unless my foot stays on gas. why?

The Battery is dead... same thing happend to me... the only thing keeping your car going is the Alternator trying to charge everything... my car did that, ran every bit of 5 mins then shut down cause the battery barely could handle it, then jumped it again and kept foot on gas and it stayed running, turn car off then car died and wouldn't start again unless i jumped it.

Why does a 1997 ford escort not start when jumped by another car?

If you mean it won't crank then the starter is defective. If you mean it will crank but not start it isn't getting fuel, spark or compression.

What does it mean when you try to start your car and it makes the sound you hear when you try to start a car that's already started?

Starter or flywheel problem.