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your automatic choke is fouled up or misadjusted for your temperature zone.

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How do you know when to change gears in a stick shift with and without a tachometer?

Listen to the engine. if it sounds like its working too hard, or if the accelerator pedal is really sensitive, its time to shift. If its bogging down, its time to downshift.

Can you remove the thermostat from the engine of Pontiac Montana 1999 Model without having problem with the engine?

no,not really

Why does your 94 Olds 3.4L Engine Knock?

Not really an answer, more to the question. You can hear the knock at idle. However, if the engine has time to cool, it's not so audible. Also, if you hit the accelerator, the sound seems to die away when the engine returns to idle. The sound is coming from both the top and bottom of the engine.

What are the disadvantages of living in the tundra biome?

Its really cold. So dont go outside without your jacket.

Why does your engine knock on a dodge ram 1500?

If your engine knocks than that can be a really bad thing, have you recently ran your truck without oil?

Why would a car make a ticking noise when the accelerator is pushed?

Hey Teisha===If it sounds like the noise is in the engine it can be a loose spark plug or an ex manifold gasket leaking. It really has to be heard to be diagnoised. GoodluckJoe

Can you drive a car without motor oil?

Not really. Without oil, the engine will soon have metal rubbing on metal, which will cause parts to go hot and seize. And that means engine destruction and expensive repairs.

What is used to accelerate protons?

accelerator chains made of really really strong superconducting electromagnets using liquid helium as a coolant

Is the story of the 'Angels and Demons' written by Dan Brown really true Does CERN really exist?

CERN really does exist, and they really did make a particle accelerator

How can you makeout without getting caught in school?

There really isn't a good place without getting caught. But you can try meeting that person outside during passing time. Or during lunch sit outside in a private spot. If your school allows you to.

How can i watch youtube in computer more faster and more better?

Well, you can use software like SpeedBit Video Accelerator or any other video accelerator software, trust me it really works..

What is wrong with this sentence Mom's freezing out there in the snow?

nothing really but most mom's don't go outside in the snow without a jacket.

What is a spurs?

sand spurs are dried up weeds in the ground that causes a really panful feeling. i was outside and i was wallking on the grass and i got it on my feet and clothes. NEVER GO OUTSIDE WITHOUT SHOES.

How do you cheat in backyard monster in facebook?

you cant cheat anymore really without a cheat engine sorry but if you do have a cheat engine its still quite hard but there is some how to's on youtube

When do we find frost and dew outside?

When it is really cold outside!!!!

How do i Synchronize cam sensor on Ford Taurus?

Depends which engine you have. There are a few ways to do it without the special tool. But it involves really knowing how to time an engine. Best way is to buy the tool.

Why does the Honda City 2005 model give Jerk and off while accelerating the car give jerk till the speed of 80kmh when you push more accelerator but if you push accelerator slowly it runs without jerk?

With a fuel pump problem, the car may seem to shudder or make jerking movements while accelerating. This is commonly misdiagnosed as a dirty fuel filter or "bad" gas in the tank. What's really happening is that the fuel pump is wearing out and at high speeds is unable to provide steady fuel pressure to the engine, causing it to misfire.

Is the exhaust part of the engine?

No, not really. An engine will run without an exhaust (but you may get arrested). The exhaust simply directs waste gasses and quietens the noise. It plays no part in the running of the engine, but can reduce the performance if it causes on obstruction to the gasses.

What rides are scary at knott's berry farm?

Perilous Plunge is really scary (It is the biggest water slide in the world) and Accelerator.

How strong is a jet engine?

Depends on the engine, really.

You can get sunburns if what?

You can get sunburn if its really really really hot outside and you don't put sunscreen.

How Can you really be under the weather?

The literal meaning of the phrase would have you outside in the weather without protection. You're "under" the clouds and sun, the rain and snow and fog.

When exactly i should cover the block for the outside players in volley ball if i am a middle?

Always, unless your opposing outside hitter is really really inside or really reall wide

Do you need a license for a slug gun?

Not in the USA. If you live outside of the USA... maybe. Really hard to let you know what the laws in your jurisdiction are without knowing where you're referring to.

What is a particle eccelerator?

A particle accelerator whizzes protons/other particles around at a really high speed to try to create a new particle.

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