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Sounds like a faulty switch or wiring. You may have a limit switch in the lifting/lowering mechanism, a faulty switch on your dash to control it, or a broken wire between the dash switch and the motor.

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Q: Why will your convertible top close but not open?
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Why will 1988 RX7 auto convertible top close but not open?

The emergency brake must be on for the top to open. If the brake light on the dash does not come on with the emergency brake on then you will need to replace the switch on the emergency brake.

2001 Audi convertible indicator lights. Little car symbol with arrow pointing to convertible top.?

Top is not locked down, or open.

Where is the switch to open and close convertible top on 97 Chevy cavalier?

the switch is in the lever pull backwards or push forward on lever once released

Why would someone close the top of their convertable?

An unfavorable change in temperature or weather might induce someone to close the top of their convertible.

Have I ruined my 1997 Jaguar XK8 Driving 15mph or so I thought and tried to close the convertible top. Now the roof button will not work and the top is one inch from closing. Allen tool won't work.?

To close the top: Open both door windows. Open the trunk and pull the passenger side trunk liner towards the center of the trunk. You may have to work the liner away from the lip holding it in place. Once this is done, you will see the convertible top hydraulic pump. On the side of the pump is a petcock. Turn it completely counter-clockwise. This opens the valve on the pump. Now use the Allen tool to raise the hook. Pull the convertible top down to meet the hook. Close the top by using the Allen tool. Return to the trunk and close the petcock. Replace the trunk liner. Press the convertible switch to close the top - this will raise the rear windows. Close the door windows. Have the vehicle checked at a dealership.

What does mean an open-to-the-elements car?

Sounds like a convertible with the top down or an open roadster.

How do you open convertible top on Mercedes 1980?

Use a big enough hammer.

What does The Cars mean?

Sounds like a convertible with the top down or an open roadster.

How do you open Mustang convertible top?

you have to engage the e brake and the key must be in the on position, not on acc.

How do you add hydraulic fluid to Porsche convertible top motor?

You can add hydraulic fluid to Porsche convertible top motor by popping open your engine hood and then pouring the hydraulic fluid into the appropriate compartment.

How do you close vw beetle convertible manually?

Open the trunk, look for a round black rubber stopper toward the left brake light. Pry it open, inside there is a metallic lever, twist it anti clockwise to release the top. Manually lift the top to close it. Then turn the metallic lever backwards to its original position, put back the rubber stopper, get inside the car and lock your top.

How do you adjust convertible top on pt cruiser 2005?

In order to adjust the convertible top on a 2005 PT Cruiser, a person would need to assist it by hand. The pressure that makes it close is by hydraulic pressure and must be assisted manually.

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