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Why won't my 1990 Honda Accord idle?


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2010-08-05 22:08:18
2010-08-05 22:08:18

check the vacuum hoses


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1990 gmc p/u 5.7 wont idle showing code 12

why wont my 1991 Honda acord rev higher than 3500rpm sometimes ?and why wont the trans go into 3rd and 4th

two plugwires were off when car started and ran for 15 seconds

try cleaning your carburetor thoroughly

The igniter has gone out. The part cost about $100.

there might be a fuel shut of switch that could of tripped could be a bad alternator

Check or replace the IAC (Idle air control) This is the problem 95% of the time especially in well maintained cars

1of two things either dimmer swith is bad or headlight switch is bad only 2things it could be Answer: No, both headlight bulbs can be bad.

If you are 100% sure the battery and alternator are good and the battery is loosing it's charge then something is on pulling power from the battery. Can be any light or any relay on the vehicle.

It could be a number of things, but more than likely its a dead battery. It could also be an alternator.

Because it likes it that way. You got a problem? Then ask the seller.

Because there are 6 1/2 in the door panel, and the rear deck.

its in the top end ..its the wrist pin that holds the piston to the crankshaft..but its fine just run the hell outta it ,it wont hurt nouthing cus its a Honda

Try moving the steering wheel left and right then attempt to turn the key.

Because your shift solenoid is dirty and needs to be cleaned out with a carburetor cleaner.

Probably because either the fuse or circuit breaker or the temperature sensing switches have failed.

Starter may have gotten wet and frozen or shorted. Check wiring to starter See if you are getting power to starter

Depending on the year you put the key in the door lock and turn it left then right. It should work

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