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Why won't my tamagotchis connect?


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because your too far away from the person your connecting to


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a 4.0 can connect with a 4.5 and a 4.5 can connect with a 5.0 and a five can connect with with a 6.0 basicly the newest tamagotchi can connect with the second newest

Yes, All Tamagotchi's Can Connect As Long As The Red Bit At The Top Of The Tamagotchi / Famalitchi Is Close Enough (15 Cm Max)

yes, because you can connect with other tamagotchis

So sorry, but not all versions of tamagotchi can connect with one another. All tamagotchis if the same version can connect, plus a v5 can also connect with a v5.5 and a FamiTama, or the Japanese version of the v5. I don't really know about the v4 and v4.5, so you'll have to check that out yourself!!

To connect you tamagotchi's you need to put them very close, almost actually touching.

A Tamagotchi is just like a pet, it can be fed and played wth. You can connect it to other tamagotchis and they can fall in love. If they do you can start a generation of tamagotchis!! They go to primary school, junior school and can even get a job!!

You cant because it is a newer model and can only be connected with v5 - tama-go However you canconnect v3 tamagotchis to v1 tamagotchis through to v4.5 ;) Glad i could help

Connect your tama with any other pet of the opposite gender, or wait for the matchmaker to come.

No. The V2 cannot connect with the V3. If it can, please tell me by commenting on my blog. If they can connect then yes, as long as they are opposite genders.

You can't because of 3 characters, it cannot connect with versons 4.5 and less-they only have 1 character to care for. You can only connect with V5

On your v3, go to the connection icon. Do the same on your v4. On the v3, select "others" on your v4, select "others". the two tamagotchis will connect. when this is repeated, the tamagotchis grow bonds with eachother and if theyre opposite genders and theyre adults, they will get married!

why wont my yarvik connect to my wifi

They connect your tamagotchi with a tamagotchi of the opposite gender so that you can have babies. This is useful because you might not be able to connect with other tamagotchis, so the matchmaker fixes the issues of not being able to have another generation of tamagochies.

How old are they in human years? If you have had them for more then 24 months, their infra-red signal can get broken, which can effect the connection level.

Mametchi is the main character of all the tamagotchis! Or you could say mascot of all tamagotchis.

cartilage doesn't connect, it covers the ends of bones so they wont grind

they must be the same versions to connect and marry. otherwise, only certain tamas can visit with other versions.

Magnets have to ends, a positive and a negative. Positive ends attract to negative ends. But positives wont connect to positives and negatives wont connect to negatives.

Sense the P.S.P. is made by Sony, and the DSi is made by Nintendo, they probably wont connect.

There are Wal-Mart and Zellers stores in Barrie, and Tamagotchis are usually sold there. Happy Tama hunting!

tamagotchis are a good and bad thing. GOOD: They are FUN you can connect with others there are other reasons people buy them... BAD: they can be addictive they can bother you at school there are other reasons....

you get the main characters only. not celebitchi and tenpatchi and the other tamagotchis. you get kuchipatchi and mametchi and memeitchi. all the main characters. :)

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