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try adjusting the idling level

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Q: Why wont a car idle?
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Your car will start but wont idle...what is wrong?

Usually the spark plugs or the timing.

What is the IAC?

Idle Air Control Valve....if this breaks you car wont idle properly....the rpm will go up then down all the time when idling

Would a bad starter cause a 1995 Toyota Camry to have a loud idle and now car wont start at all?

Loud idle? no, not turn over ,yes

Motor stops running i have changed my carby my coil my dizy cap but my car keeps stoppng it starts but want idle unlees reved?

the idle solinoid may need changing, or its power source is not plugged in or working. If the solinoid is not powered the carby wont know where to idle, it will drive fine but wont idle when you pull up at lights ect.

What does it mean when a car overheats only during idle RPM with air conditioner on?

clean rad & cond at the car wash see if that wont help

What make the car to idle rough you changed the plugs?

When the idle goes rough, you must idle the plugs. Else the car plugs roughly.

What is a idle port in Car?

Rephrase, Idle air control, idle circuit carburetor or

What happens when a MAP sensor goes bad?

Either the car wont start or, it will not idle right (its going to fell like its going to turn off).

Car car jerks when idle?

no .... no way.

High idle at start up car wont turn off?

need more info but just guessing here vacuum leak causing high idle and dieseling cause by high fuel air mix why it will not shut off

What is Idle?

Idle is when the computer is on, but it is not in use at that time. For example, were you using the computer, then stopped for a period (you made no key depressions or the like), your computer then becomes idle. Just consider it as if it were a car; if you start your car and leave it in park, then your car is idle (its on but not in use). Were u to put your car in drive, it would no longer b idle (the same can be said with a computer if u make a key depression). Hope this helps. == idle== lazy ===

Why does the car turns off if you are not pushing on the gas?

Check your idle, your idle might be too low so it is stalling your car.

When the tps sensor is disconnected from the car in idle what happens?

When the TPS sensor is disconnected from the car in idle, there would be delayed acceleration.

Car goes back down to idle after i hit 6k rpm in 5th gear and wont let me go until it has gone down to 3k?

its a nissan. its not perfect..

Why wont my Subaru idle when it is cold?

When any car idles, it lowers the ignition energy (but not completely) to keep the car running. When it is cold outside, your Subaru's ignition energy is lost through heat because electricity also is measured through heat. When there is less ignition energy when it is already running on a lower ignition level, the car (your Subaru) is not likely to idle.

Why won't your 1990 Chevy idle?

1990 gmc p/u 5.7 wont idle showing code 12

How do you properly use idle in a sentence?

The car was staying idle.

Can a bad battery cause a car to idle high?

No, that has nothing to do with idle speed.

Can you put the word idle in a sentence?

I let my car idle for 10 minutes.

High idle problem on a 1997 Saturn SC1 when car is in gear?

high idle problem on a 1997 sc1 when car is in gear

What causes a car to idle at 500 rpm?

That is about your average idle RPM. It depends on what car you have and the age of your car. If it bothers you, i'd recommend going to a place that fixes cars.

Why does my Car wont stay on unless the gas pedal is pressed?

It could be a lot of different things. I would check the idle speed unless it's computer controlled. If the idle speed is computer controlled you can't adjust it and it probably isn't the problem anyway.

1999 Honda civic dx idle control valve?

Wat controls the idle on that type of car its a sensor called a idle control termo valve witch its controlled by the antifreeze temperature and air. it has two small hoses under the throwel you wont miss it . And if u not sure go to auto zone and ask for the idle control valve its a black sensors in and out inlet and out let

Where is the fast idle screw on a 2001 ford escort or how do you adjust the fast idle?

It is very likely there is no way to adjust the idle on your car. If your car is idling low, it's probably a problem somewhere else. Idle is likely controlled by the computer.

What makes a car idle up and down?

A car may idle up and down due to "Improper fuel mixture". (The fuel in the car may consist of an un-even balance of air or gas). However, there are a few other ways a car can idle up and down.