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May have to be turned off manually Auto sensor bad

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โˆ™ 2007-06-24 13:33:04
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Q: Why wont the head lights and rear lights turn off after the ignition is turned off?
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Why the rear lights of your car are on with the car off?

The rear lights of your car will still on even if your car was off because the switch was turned on and it will still remain on until the battery's out. Another possibility, if the headlight switch is off and the ignition switch is off, the brake light switch may be out of adjustment or broken and what you're seeing is the brake lights on.

Why do all rear lights go out when headlights turned on?

Because you have to eat french fries with ketchup!

How do you make an ATV street legal in Tennessee?

must have 2 head lights-2 brake lights-2tail lights-and front and rear signals

Any suggestion on fixing the rear fog lights in my newly acquired 1998 land rover discovery and which of the bulbs should light for the rear fog lights?

The lowest light on the rear light clusters should come on. You need the ignition and headlights on for it to work

Why do your front and rear parking lights stay on after you remove your keys from the ignition?

So you can see where you are going around your car when it is dark.

Brake light and tail light are always on?

Maybe you are mistaken. Camry starting from 1999 has automatic head lights, which basically means that your head lights and rear lights are always on evev if it's dark outside.

Why wont my parking lights or my brake lights in my 95 Impreza go off even with the key out and the switches turned to off?

It could be a combination of two simple problems. First, check that your parking light switch on the top of your steering column is OFF, as this will keep the lights on even if the ignition switch is off. I believe this switch is necessary because your lights turn off automatically when you turn of the engine (ignition switch) Aslo, you must check your (combination tail light and brake light) rear bulbs as this could cause the break and tail lights to remain on when the car is started (ignition is on). GOOD LUCK !

When the foot brake is pressed which lights must come on?

The red ones in the rear of the car. Note: They are separate from and next to the red lights that are on constantly when you turn your head lights on.

1991 XJ6 rear lights flash after car is turned off and key is removed?

do you have an aftermarket security system installed in it?

What is making your 63 impalas rear turn signals blink like hazard lights when the key is turned on?

Bad ground

Your brake lights and head lights do not work your blinkers and running lights do?

My rear window brake light works, but not my tail light brakes on my 1997 Monte Carlo. What is the problem?

Why would a ford mustangs rear running lights and brake lights work but not the headlights and interior lights?

It sounds like a blown fuse or a bad head light switch

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