Why wont your 1997 Saturn sl2 start after the engine gets worm it starts fine on a cold start but after running for 15min and gets a little worm it wont start.when trying to start. it makes a click?

Of course it could be somethng else, but I have seen starters do this. I had a vehicle that the starter was apparently about to go out. When it was warm it would kinda seize up and not start. Another reason is if the battery is not strong enough it will cause a click sound and not start. It will still have enough amps to run other electric, but not enough amp to start. As the vehicle cools just enough power is going back to the battery to start it. This is either a battery problem or the alternator is causing this by not fully charging. A good auto store can check the start and charging systeme for you for free. Usually you dont have to take anything off the car wither. Well, I hope this helps you. Good luck.


+1 on a bad battery or alternator. Get both checked at your local autoparts store.