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Why would 1998 Subaru outback overheat after replacing thermostat water pump?

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December 22, 2009 12:47AM

Sorry to say, but you probably have a blown head gasket. My

brother just had this same thing happen to his Sooby over the

weekend and that's what they told him. Do a Google search on

"Subaru Head Gasket Problems" and you'll see what I'm talking


Go here and see what others are saying.

Hi! I have some info that might help you also. First, did the

car run cool and fine before you changed the pump and thermostat?

If so, you may only need a thermostat. I changed my pump and

thermostat on my 95 2.2L, replaced the thermostat with a cheap one

from NAPA, and ran it. My motor ran hot, my radiator fans ran

constantly, and my temperature guage jumped up and down, never

getting cooler than half way. I pulled out the NAPA thermostat,

bought a factory thermostat from a Subaru dealer, and put it back

in. It cured all of my overheating problems, my fans hardly ever

run, and my temp guage stays at about 3/8 into the normal. It seems

like some things on these cars you MUST replace with factory parts,

or it will NOT run right! My thermostat costed about $22.00, pretty

cheap fix if this is your problem! Hope it helps!

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