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the pulley is bad when it stops moving

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Q: Why would 97 grand prix GTP make noises like it needs power steering fluid but does not the noise does not change with steering it is constant how do you know if belt tensioner or idler pulley is bad?
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Why does Mitsubishi you make strange noises at startup?

Depending on the noise, starting noises are usually- the starter, belts, belt tensioner or bearings on accessories like alternator/power steering.

Steering wheel making noise?

Steering wheel noises can be caused by low power steering fluid. A loose or worn belt or suspension problems can also cause a steering wheel to make noises when turned.

Why would power steering make noise?

air in fluid, insufficient fluid, leaky rack, plugged filter/strainer (if present) excessive effort required (at steering stop or wheel blocked), defective pump (internal seals), slipping belt, defective belt, defective pulley, defective belt tensioner are the first few that come to mind, other steering rack noises unrelated to power steering are also possible.

What is a intermediate shaft on the steering column?

It's part of the steering column and if yours is making klunking noises it has to be repaired at the dealer.

Chrysler Town and Country noisy front end?

The usually refers to the forward steering and suspension of a vehicle. Noises can come from failed or failing ball joints, constant velocity joints and shocks/struts/mount assemblies. Additionally the noises can be due to brake and or hub/wheel bearing problems.

What causes a car to make loud screeching noises?

It is either a loose belt, worn belt or a worn belt tensioner.

Power steer noises?

check power steering fluid level. Also check belt.

What are signs of a bad front wheel hub?

Grinding noises, wandering steering, strange tire wear.

How do you no when control arm bushing are bad?

You would hear clunking noises from up front when braking and steering. Steering may become sloppy and drift left or right.

Why does the steering system in 1989 buick make loud noises?

it needs fluid and you need to find the leak and fix it

CHow can you know if your pulley is bad or the entire tensioner assembly on a Windstar?

If the tensioner cannot put a full 'load' on a new belt (as shown by the wear indicator markings on the side of the tensioner) - it's likely the tensioner requires replacing.NOTE: some sources recommend replacing it at 60,000A bad pulley (bearing) would be making whining/screaming noises.See "Related Questions" below for more

What causes squeal noises in the front passenger side of a car only when you turn right sharply and quickly?

power steering

Why could 1996 Grand Am be losing power steering fluid and making several noises when driving?

you need to locate the leak.

Power steering hard on 97 buick lesabre?

Check fluid level, are there any noises, what are the conditions when problem occurs?

What causes a car to make rattling noises while driving?

bearings old tires shock observers steering wheel

Your wife's Plymouth breeze is having diffuculty steering and is starting to make some noises near the wheels What could this be?

Check if there is adequate power steering fluid in the reservoir, also check for leaks.

1997 windstar rattling whining squeaky belt noises?

I would suggest these could be symptoms of a failing belt tensioner.See "Related Questions" below for more

Where is the multifunction switch in a 2000 alero?

This switch goes over the steering column behind the pivot, it has both wiper, indicator, and lighting . Commonly fails with clicking noises. from $125 at a wrecker, to $300 at GM. about 1 hour to change.

Can a power steering fluid reservoir get clogged?

Some vehicles like Honda have filters in them, which cause noises, restrictions and other problems.

Why does your 1999 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer make noises while turning the steering wheel?

sounds like your ball joints

What is causing Screeching noises from Mazda Protege?

Brake system, low lubricants, excessive wear and tear of power steering system, for starters.

What would cause a knocking sound when turning corners in my 99 Mercury Villager?

Could be you are low on Power Steering Fluid. My 97 Villager seems to need it every 6-7 months. My van will make noises around corners (or hard steering) even if the level is "full". I fill it to the top and all the noises go away (at least for 6-7 months).

Noise when I turn the steering wheel on left?

If a car makes noise when turning the tie rod can be worn. Tie rods allow a vehicle to turn, when they fail the steering wheel will knock and rattle making all kinds of noises.

Is it normal for a PS3 Slim to make constant loud noises during gameplay?

No it is not normal and is very unusual for a PS3 as they are quiet and not considered noisy.

What can cause a constant hard pull to the right on a 96 safari awd as well as the power steering pump making a loud whirring sound?

While driving your vehicle and you are not applying the brakes, the pull to one side or another is caused by steering alinment which is out of adjustment. A professional can balance your alinment at a low cost. The steering pump will make a noise if it is low on fluid, check your power steering fluid first, then check the belts in case the old belts are making a noise, they may be loose or in bad shape, which you will have to replace. If your steering seems easy to turn around corners then your pump and fluids should be okay, but always check your fluids, as they help with running your vehicle smoothly. If you notice harder steering action while turning around corners, then you need to check the fluid levels in the power steering container(which it should be marked), check belts, check for leaking of fluids on the engine or on the ground under the vehicle, and check the pump for cracks, you could also listen for noises while you turn your steering wheel in park, with the hood up, and put your ear close to engine to hear noises coming from your power steering pump. If you hear noises, try your belts, top up the fluids, and if this doesn't help then your powersteering pump may be broken or its coming to its end, and it will be time for a new one. Hope this will help! Cindy Crosby