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Q: Why would a 1990 Dodge Colt not start when it is getting spark and gas?
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What would cause a coil to have spark but not the spark plugs on a 1975 dodge dart 360?

start with dist cap and rotor

Why would 1998 Dodge ram van turn over but not start?

Fuel, Spark, Compression?

What would cause a 1994 Lincoln Continental to turn but not start Not the battery?

It isprobably not getting fuel or not getting spark.

Why would an engine crank but won't start?

For some reason it is not getting EITHER fuel OR spark , so it cranks but doesn't start

Why would your 92 Tempo sometimes start and sometimes not It seems to be getting good spark?

Its the fuel pump

What would make your car crank but not start?

make sure your getting fuel to the injectors make sure your getting spark to your spark plugs and wires or coil overs depending whats on the car

What would cause a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan to turn over but not start?

You need mixture (fuel and air), compression, and spark... chances are, you're not getting one of those three. I'd look at fuel first.

Why would the center of a spark blow out in your dodge truck?


1993 Chevy suburban cranks but will not start getting fuel but no spark why not?

I would replace the ignetion module that is in the distributor.

What would cause your 1987 Dakota with a 39 liter engine not to start after replacing the spark control module the coil and pick-up?

Need to know if your getting spark at the plugs. Next if you are I would look at either timing, or fuel delivery problem, IE fuel pump, filter, ect. If not getting spark take coil wire off and see if you are getting spark there.

How would you get your car to start it cranks but doesn't start and you changed your coil and distrutor but nothing helped?

1. Make sure you are getting fuel to the carb... 2. If you are getting fuel and spark to you spark plugs and the plugs are wet, You more than likely have a timing problem.

Why would a 1997 Dodge Intrepid start when it's cold but when you shut it off it turnsover but does not start?

Had same problem with 98 2.7 liter - starts cold but if shut off warm, would not start for an hour or so. Was getting fuel but not spark. Take a chance and replace ASD relay in engine compartment fuse box (about $12.00 diy)

What is the spark plug gap for 2002 dodge stratus?

that would be 0.042

Why will a 2004 dodge Intrepid not start after driving a short while?

Have a 98 2.7 litre that would do that. Before doing anything else, replace ASD relay in engine compartment fuse block (diy $12). Would start fine cold, but often would not start after shutting off when engine was warm. Had to wait until engine compartement cooled off. Was getting fuel but no spark.

87 celebrity cranks gets fuel fuses are good still no start?

I would suspect that if it is getting fuel and not starting it would be that it is not getting any spark. If you find that it is not getting spark you could check: Ignition module Crank position sensor Engine control module Associated wiring and connectors

Why would a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus act like it wants to start but it won't fire up also checked spark plugs and they where wet with oil changed them but still wouldn't start what can it be?

if it is getting fuel and spark it could be the map sensor

What would cause a Mazda 323 not to start if there is a spark and plenty of fuel?

In order for the vehicle to start, you need to have a spark, fuel and oxygen. If you're not getting an adequate oxygen supply, your vehicle won't start. Have you checked your intake? Or perhaps your exhaust system could be clogged as well.

White smoke coming from air filter when cranking engine on riding lawn mower?

I am assuming that the mower doesn't start.... My first guess would be that you are not getting spark to ignite the gas in the engine. Check to see if you have spark at the spark plug.

Why does my dodge ram 1500 not start with a new battery and starting fluid The thing turns over just fine?

You may not have any spark, you need to check for spark with a spark tester..If you do not have spark it could be caused by your spark control modulel,bad coil ect.find out why you have no spark...Have you been having problems before with the truck turning off or stalling, prior to this? If so then i would suspect the spark control module.

What would make a 98 dodge Dakota miss fire on number 4 cylinder?

Probably the spark plug or spark plug wires, I would try that first.

Why does a 2000 Lesabre keep turning over and does not start as if gas is not getting through?

My first attempt would be to replace the fuel filter if it is not getting gas second would be the fuel pump also check for spark and compression

1988 rx7 was running then just shut off and now won't restart it's getting fuel but not firing?

I would start checking spark plugs and wires, if they are good I would then check the distributor cap and rotor bug. I would start checking spark plugs and wires, if they are good I would then check the distributor cap and rotor bug.

What would cause 1991 camaro v6 3.1 motor not start after it is warmed up?

ign spark control modual see if when it dosnt run if you have spark if no spark start there if it has spark check the redistance on injector.

Why would a dodge ram 1500 not start with new fuel filter and pump and new coil with a good spark?

You could have clogged fuel injectors or the timimg chain could have jumped

What would be the problem if a 1994 grand Cherokee cannot start?

first check each spark plug to see if your getting spark if there is no spark check the plug wires for any breaks in the wires also the distributor cap and rotor for wear or corrosion. also check the coil. if engine does have spark check to see if the engine is getting fuel if the engine is not getting fuel check the fuel pump. also check cylinders for compression.