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Although your not being specific as to when your loosing power upon excelleration. What are the circumstances? Full Tank of gas? Low Tank? When was the last time you had changed your fuel filter? Timing?

It really could be many things but I will add my two sense as to when this happends to me.When my computer reads my fuel quantity starting at about 18liters being left in the tank and I accellerate quickly the car will cough and stutter as the engine is being starved for fuel.

This happends because the gas tank on the Cadillac is so big and the fuel float is at the "FRONT" of the tank so when you accellerate and/or start an up hill climb the gas will slosh to the back of the tank and starve the fuel sending unit in the tank.

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Q: Why would a 1990 deville cut off when you give it gas?
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