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More than likely your fan is not turning on. either the fan motor is fried or the temp switch that triggers it to start is faulty. On the freeway the wind from your speed is enough to keep it cool. Actually a constant speed of about 45mph or better should keep it cool. There are multiple ways to check the fan. If you are electrically inclined you should be able to figure it out. If not you'll probably have to find someone else to do it. If nothing else turning on the heater or defroster helps keep an over heating car cool longer if you have to drive it somewhere to get it worked on. .

Sounds like your electic fan is not working. Thing cause the fan not to work. Fan relay, fan motor, fan thermostat wiring to the components.

I agree, sounds like a relay, mine did the same thing. There are many relays make sure you get the right one. Plus corvettes do run hotter than other cars my 1988 ran 200 all the time and if its hot out and your in traffic 225 was normal.

These corvettes are bottom feeders. If you are not moving they are not cooling. The fan temps are set high - like 235 degrees. Your fan should start about the time you think the engine is going to overheat. You can turn on the a/c and that will start the second fan which will cool the car in heavy traffic.

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Q: Why would a 1992 Corvette overheat driving in town but not on the freeway?
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