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Why would a 1993 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth not have spark?


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9 times out of 10 it is due to a bad coil. Where is your coil? Follow the spark plug wires until all of them come together. Auto parts store can check the coil for you.


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I would say the biggest size rims you should put on a 1994 Chrysler Fifth Avenue or a New Yorker would be 20 inch rims.

Look in the glove box. That would be my best bet

In the "Chrysler Full-Size Models 1988-93 Automotive Repair Manual" says "Torque Specifications Ft-lbs Spark Plugs to set at "26"

I would try the glove box, or under the steering wheel area. I have a 1991 and my fuse box is in my glove box. Hope this works for you.

mine was doing the same. a vacume hose was diconnected

Anything is possible. It would not be a direct swap.

could be a bad coil but a distant second is a badly cracked distributor cap.

Not a Chrysler tech but the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) is normally a sensor at the transmission in front wheel drive cars located at the differential housing in order to count drive axle RPM. In rear wheel drive cars/trucks it would be found at the differential in the rear axle.

does it happen a few seconds after you start the car? on my 1988 new yorker,it was the hydrolic pump that is on the right side of the trunk. i just unpluged it.

you've either lost both taillight bulbs, or, more likely, you've blown the taillight fuse.

The Sebring is a Chrysler product. Replace the crankshaft position sensor before beginning any diagnosis.

I had a Chrysler transmission rebuild by Cottman for $400 but that was a few years ago. I would think that the price would have have gone up. I would say about 6 or 700 to rebuild one. Just service such as changing the fluid doesn't cost much.

Possible bad valve seals. I have had this problem with my 1999 and that is what I was told.

There could be a few things on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron causing the distributor not to have power. But first I would check the spark plugs and see if maybe they have gone bad.

More than likely the ratchet mechanism that causes the brake pedal to lock down is broken, perhaps due to a broken or disconnected spring. The "weird sound" could be the remainder of the mechanism brushing against the teeth where it would normally lock.

Install 10w30 until you find out for sure. If you had an owner's manual you would have your answer. Dealer, Salvage Yard, E-Bay, and many on-line sites are sources. One good site is: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added Brandon: I have a 1990 Chrysler New Yorker 3.3L V6 and my manual says 5w30 or 10w30.

Assuming you have a serpentine belt on that 3.3L engine, the tension on the alternator would be controlled by the idler (tension) pulley. The alternator is stationary.

It is one of many possible causes.It is one of many possible causes.

Does the electric fuel pump turn on when the key is turned to the on position? If yes, then check the coil. Otherwise, you would need to provide more information.

If memory serves me right, you will find it inside the intake air duct. They put it there so the incoming air for the engine would cool the unit.

I would like to know how to remove the radio in a 1986 chrsyler 5th avenue

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