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I had a similar problem and it was the mass air flow sensor. Don't go to the dealer, they will charge you 400.00 for a 60.00 part.

AnswerIf the MAF is At Fault, sometimes the wires inside are dirty. I sprayed the heck out of mine with carb spray and then dried it out in the sun for 2 hours before reinstalling. You can use a simple digital volt ohm meter (DC volts between A&B should be 10 or more while running (mine was 13.something).

Between C & D, the DC volts should be somewhere above zero (like .35) but under 2 (mine was .86).

I think this voltage range means the MAF is OK.

One more possible thing - my kid's 4.6 sputtered under load and idle fluctuated between 800 and 500 rpm. It was a bad wire. When we pulled it off, the connector stayed on the plug. New wires cured everything.

unplug meter while running if condition improves clean or replace meter

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Q: Why would a 1995 Mercury Cougar XR-7 4.6L v8 stutter and have no power when accelerating and the engine is cold?
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