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According to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etcetera ) for the 2.0

litre four cylinder engine in a 1999 Mercury Cougar :

( No , it is NOT an interference engine )


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It IS an interference engine , according to the Gates website

According to Gates ( they make timing belts etc. ) the 2.0 L - DOHC engine is NOT an interference engine

The IAT sensor on a 2000 Mercury Cougar V6 is on the back side of the filter box. On the Zetec model it is either on the Air box like the V6, or on the intake tubing running from the box to the Throttle Body.

Not just can, but should. Ford recomends full synthetic for both the V6 Duratec and the I4 Zetec.

The IACV on a '99 Mercury Cougar V6 is on the top right of the Upper intake manifold, there is a hose leading from the intake tubing to the IACV. On the I4 Zetec Cougar, I am not sure where the IACV is, though I believe it is on the side of the throttle body.

The CD4E automatic transaxle found in the Cougar, Contour, Mystique, Focus, Escape, and Escort vehicles used 6.9 quarts. The MTX-75 transaxle used 2.1 quarts.Source:FocalJet->Zetec tuning->Basic Info & Problems: Tuning the Zetec

All zetec engine are non interference most guides say its interference but the zx2 and focus forums say its not. to many greedy mechanics say the valves are bent but its b.s mine broke and nothing wrong

I believe that this is the same engine used in my 2000 Ford Contour, which is a non-interference engine (luckily) as I'm having to replace the timing belt now after losing about 8 inches of teeth! Robert G.

It is a NON Interference engine. The pistons have reliefs cut into them, in order to prevent damage if the belt snaps. Therefore if you snapped a belt the valves will not collide with the pistons. Source - A friend of mine that has been a Ford mechanic for 21 years.

yes, some sources/ manuals may have it listed as an interference but it is not, I have rebuilt many of them and can confirm they are not, also check out or for more info

where is the coolant system thermostat on a ford focus 1.4 zetec engine

how do you set the timing on a 1.25 ford fiesta zetec s engine ?

Where can i find a picture of the engine temp sensor location on a 1998 ford escort zetec engine?

It depends on the model you get, but most importantly on how you drive, as well as many other factors like temperature and modifications to the vehicle. I have heard of the Zetec powered Cougar getting regular 29 mpg mixed driving, without trying hard, while the Duratec V6 will usually run at around 22 to 25 mpg, mixed. The Cougar is a mid size car, do not think otherwise, so the I4 Zetec which does great in the Focus does have trouble getting the cougar to move the way you would want it to sometimes. There were also only about 500 Zetec powered Cougars made with automatic transmissions, so you better learn how to drive a stick.

where is the thermostat on a 1.4 1997 ford fiesta zetec engine

First we need to know if you have the 2.0 SPI engine, the 2.0 ZETEC-E engine, or the 2.0 ZETEC-DURATEC ST engine.

Without fail one can find information about the Zetec Turbo engine on the web. Locost Builders a company in the UK has a lot of information about this engine.

I own one and it has a 2.0 zetec engine

the ZETEC engine used in the 1999 ZX2 is a non-interference engine. This means that the pistons will not contact the valves when the timing belt breaks. Because of this, the valves will not be bad if the timing belt breaks

Where is the temp sensor on 2000 ford focus zetec engine

It depends on the engine size You know 3.8L, 5.0L it really matters......Are you going with the same size or not ? (REPOST WITH THE DETAILS) It's a 2.5L, and want something BIGGER ...? the only sizes that fit are the 2.0 zetec, 2.5 duratec, 3.0 duratec on the sable, taurus, and some escapes depends on the years.. go to for information they have a how to for that and the engines that fit.

A broken timing belt on a Ford ZX2 will not damage the engine. The 2.0 ZETEC engine used in the ZX2 is a non-interference engine which means the pistons will not come into contact with the valves should the belt break. Because of this the valves will not be damaged and no engine damage will occur.

1.8 2000 zetec? i dont think they make that engine even for the 2000

WE need to knw which engine you have: 2.0 Zetec, 2.0 SPI, 2.0 Zetec VCT?

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