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needs tune up, or maybe ignition timing is alittle off.

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Q: Why would a 1995 Thunderbird lack power in low RPM?
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Why would the AC not work when the compressor is turning on 1995 s10?

Most commonly would be lack of freon.

Why would a ktm 65 lack power?

the spark plugs might be old

Would a dirty fuel filter make the engine have lack power?

If it is restricting the flow of fuel, it can cause low power.

What causes manual transmissions to have no power when shifting?

If the clutch is not slipping, I would say the transmission is fine, the engine may be the reason for the lack of power.

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What will cause lack of power and oil on the spark plugs in a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L Engine?

Your piston rings are probably bad. Which will cause compression loss, in effect you will loss power, and it will let oil trough and saturate your plugs.

What would be the most likely cause of low power on cummins N14 series engine under load?

The most likely cause of low-power, when under load, in your Cummins N14 diesel engine is a lack of fuel. The problem can also be a lack of air flow.

Why would there be a lack of power when your foot is on the accelerator?

Try to check your fuel filter it might be full of residue and you have to change it.

Why does your john deere la145 have a lack of power when warmed up?

It's not a 'lack of power'. It's the hydrostatic transmission limited on how fast it rotates to power the drive wheels

Why would a 1995 Ford contour have a lack of power?

because it's a 1995 ford contour. Just check the obviuos stuff first. Air cleaner, spark plugs\wires, fouled injectors, fuel filter clogged, alternator not delivering enough charge to run the coil properly, also a battery can be problem, but usually will have a starter problems when this happens. Good Luck.

What would make my 2000 SVT Contour lack power and surge only when hot?

possibly a faulty fuel pump.

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What would cause a clicking noise while driving a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT?

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