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Why would a 1996 Chrysler Town and Country 3.8 V6 sometimes shake after you come to a complete stop and then accelerate again?

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2011-09-13 17:13:59

Well their is a couple of different things it could be. First,

if the is any MIL lights on ( check engine, service engine soon)

then have it scanned and see what the code(s) are. One problem

could be a sensor going bad such a and mass airflow sensor, MAP

sensor, ect. This malfunction would send the wrong amount of fuel

to the motor which can cause a misfire. A misfire would make the

van shake. Second, it could be the trasnmission. My van started

shaking when i would take off after it was running temperature, it

eventually got so bad that it wouldn't shift out of second gear.

therefore i had to replace the transmission because the shaking was

coming from the spider gears which were worn down and actually

skipping teeth. so start with the cheaper first which would be


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