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Mass airflow sensor is dirty or needs replaced. Try that first.

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Q: Why would a 1996 Ford Probe SE stall-pause when in gear neutral and appond-during acceleration?
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Can you put a Mazda transmission in a 1994 Probe?

Yes. Be sure to change the neutral switch from your probe as the mazda's will plug in but is wired different.

How do you use Ac and DC multitester?

READ THE INSTRCUCTIONS. Set the meter to AC ~ or DC - The 20 200 2000 just sets a decimal place. Red probe to the hot, black probe to the neutral. If you get voltage reading but its negative you most likely have the red probe to neutral and black to hot.

Why does my 1994 ford probe idle rough and have poor acceleration?

Your 1994 Ford Probe sounds as if it needs a tune-up. The reason for the rough idling and poor acceleration could also be very old motor oil, a very dirty air filter, or clogged fuel lines. It is best to bring the car in for service.

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What is wrong when a probe runs in neutral by dies when you go in motion?

sounds like a faulty airflow sensor, this is not just a probe problem a few Nissan vehicles have had similar problems , it always turns out to be airflow sensor !

Why would a 1991 Ford Probe only start if in neutral then eventually not start at all?

Probably the ignition switch. HavE IT CHECKED OUT> neutral safety switch......located under the shifter panel

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Probe,probe se 2.0 / probe gt 2.5

What could cause your 1993 ford probe to loose so much power driving on the highway at 110kms hour as if you were struggling for fuel and it stalls in neutral?

My guess would be a plugged fuel filter.

Is your 1995 Ford Probe GT having problems going up hills because the engine was revved too high in Neutral?

It sounds like a power loss......... tune-up, get tranny checked out

93 ford probe no spark no fuel ck obd got 852 not in book? Park/neutral switch high input circuit high

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