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Why would a 1997 Ford Crown Vic 4.6L die on you while driving down the street?


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well not knowing excacly what it does prior to stalling I will just gives some ideas that come to mind. Is the car getting gas, Check the fuel pump enertia switch located in the trunk and make sure its fully reset, I had a p73 police vic die on me and this was the fix, also this same car sometimes would die or wouldn't restart after it was warm because of a bad ecm/pcm power relay located on I believe the passanger side, Its a black fuse/relay box. you will see a red power lead connected to the battery. It should give a location diagram under the box cover. look at the model number on relay, if I remememer right I swapped it with the air conditioning relay to get home,

If the car stalls and sputters prior to dying check Fuel pressure/ filter, vacum lines in relation to the EGR evap gas return. It could be a number of things, need to know a bit more about the to give a better answer.