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Q: Why would a 1997 Mountaineer make a loud clicking noise when you accelerate?
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What would cause a clicking noise from a back wheel when you start to drive but stop as you accelerate?

A pebble.

When you accelerate in your1999 mercury mountaineer the vents close what would cause this?

Pin cone

What would cause a clicking noise when you accelerate in a 1998 Dodge Stratus?

Bad axle maybe? Does it do it when you turn one way or another? Check to see if the cv boots are torn.

How can you tell if a fuel pump is going out on a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer a clicking noise at the driver side rear interior?

I cannot think of any reason for a clicking noise in the driver's side interior, but a fuel pump would not be my first thought, or my second thought, or any thought for that matter. The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank, and a fuel pump, if it gives you any warning, it will usually be a humming noise from the underside area where the fuel tank is, not a clicking noise in the interior. Even the fuel pump relay isn't in the passenger's compartment, it is under the hood.

What would cause a clicking noise under the body of the vehicle?

cv joints

What would cause a clicking noise when starting a Kia Sedona?

dead battery

What would cause a clicking noise coming from the top of the engine that gets louder when you accelerate on a 97 eclipse?

Check in with the dealer to see if there have been any recalls or technical papers sent out on it. It could be an indication of transmission issues to come.

Your Vauxhall astra club 1.6 makes a horrible noise when you accelerate its like a puffing sound it passed its mot fine but you would like to know what it could be?

yea mine makes a funny vibrating noise when i accelerate hard, but it doesnt make it if i accelerate gently? i have no idea sorry

What would cause a clicking noise most notable when in gear?

cv joint or universal joint

What would make a clicking noise in a cylinder head 1984 Vanagon?

valve who needs ajustment

What would cause a 1998 Toyota Camry to have no power and a clicking noise in the fuse box?

clicking noise is probably fuel pump relay, check for battery condition, then for good connections including ground, inspect all fuses

What would make a truck have a roaring noise while driving it over 10mph and the noise increases as you go faster?

the wheel bearing on the vehicle will make a roaring noise when you accelerate the faster you go the louder it gets

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