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Why would a 1998 Nissan Frontier hesitate or stall when it is raining or after driving through water?


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2006-09-01 13:00:01
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Solved this problem with new spark plugs/wires and a new distributor cap, about 100 bucks for parts If a lot of water gets sucked up into the filter box, the paper filter will get wet- effectively choking the engine out of air. Check it out in the rain some Night, In the night you can see if there is blue spark over your engine. It could be cracked ignition wires coming from the spark plugs to the ignition coil/distributor Check the distributor cap and make sure all the spark plug holes are clean. If they are clean and it still does it try replacing the cap anyway. Nissan updated distributor cap and distributor. Try replacing cap first (much cheaper).


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