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Check your fan belt to see if its worn or cracked. replace it.

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What would make a car squeal or squeak when driving but silent when idle or stopped?

it could be the breaks, or the shock could be hitting against the wheel

Why would my 1999 Jeep Cherokee squeal?

There is afew things that can make it squeal like the belt is worn and old or power steering fluid low or pump going out.

Sounds like squeal when driving only from engine right side?

squeal is a lose belt or one of the accessory will need to be replaced soon

What would cause the lights to dim and the belt to squeal on a 98 jeep Cherokee and the volt meter to drop?

Your alternator is bad.

What causes Pontiac Grand Prix to squeal?

I actually was suprised my grand prix was squealing and it was the alternator. I got it replaced and it has stopped.

What might cause a 2005 Cadillac Escalade back wheel to squeal while driving?

check the wheel bearing

Why do Hamster's Squeal?

They squeal when they are scared!

Can you give a sentence with the word squeal?

Here's a sentence with squeal as a verb: "The child will squeal when he opens his Christmas present." Here's a sentence with squeal as a noun: "The child's squeal was deafening as he opened his Christmas present." Let me hear you squeal like a pig.

Why do baby pigs squeal?

they squeal when they're happy🐖its soooooo cute!!!

Why does my car's wheels squeak when driving?

That could be the brake pad "squealers". They are designed to squeal when they are worn out. Time for a brake job.

How do you use 'squeal' in sentence?

I jumped when I heard the pig squeal. There is nothing in the world quite like a four year old girl's squeal of delight. The rambunctious teenager made his tires squeal.

Automatic transmission fluid squeeling very loud?

Automatic transmission fluid does not squeal. You have a different problem. Brakes squeal, bearings squeal, and belts squeal. Fluids do not squeal. You had better take your vehicle to a mechanic.

What animals squeal?

Most animals that squeal usually squeal when the are attacked. These animals are pigs, tapirs, and lots of others.

What caused the tires to sound like burning rubber while driving?

whenever tires loose traction enough they will make a squeal

When driving your car you hear a squeal every time you press the brakes You decide the problem is that there's a mouse trapped in the brakes?


Why do dwarf hamsters squeal?

all hamsters squeal if they r scared.

What is a mouse's favorite television show?

squeal of fortune

What makes a car squeal when sitting still and make a ringing noise when driving?

Most likely it is a belt on your car. Usually the squeeling is from a loose belt while idling and will also make noises while driving.

Squeal from front wheel on 1994 Nissan pickup when driving at low speeds?

time for brakes,hurry that metal on metal makes my ears hurt.

When driving your car you hear a squeal every time you press the brakes you decide the problem is that there's a mouse trapped in the brakes this is an example of?

Bad logic

When driving your car you hear a squeal every time you press the brakes You decide the problem is that there's a mouse trapped in the brakes This is an example of a?


What might be the problem if driving and then heard a single squeal from engine compartment then a loss of drive unless shifted into 1st or 2nd gear on automatic transmission?

I'd check the throttle cable or the kickdown cable. That squeal you heard in the engine compartment might have been a cable breaking.

What do you do if your 95 Cadillac Sedan deVille stopped squeaking when the rear brake calipers were replaced but then the squeak started again?

I assume you replaced the pads also. Some metallic pads have a tendency to squeal. Replace them with a non metallic pad. Usually a cheap pad will not squeal but will not last as long. You may also want to try applying some anti squeal paste to the back side of the pads and metal to metal contact points.

Screeching while driving?

It could be the brake pad "squealers". Many brake pads come with a device that will squeal when the pads are worn down and ready for replacement.

Sounds like squeal when driving only from engine?

Sounds like alternator is going bad even though it still may still hold a charge