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Have plugs and wires checked...if faulty (will cause one or more cylindars to not work) you can replace them yourself. Many internet pictoral tutorials. Dealer will charge $500+. Also, there is an automatic extended warranty on catalytic converter:

The "not starting" and "hesitation" sounds like a tired fuel pump. Try getting a fuel pressure system test done. It's a simple gauge that is hooked up to the fuel rail and will tell you the car's running fuel pressure in BAR. If the fuel pressure, while the car is running, is sporadic or low (less than 3 BAR I think) then the fuel pump most likely needs to be replaced. As for the backfiring, sounds like a timing issue but I have input on that.

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2009-03-03 22:16:12
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Q: Why would a 2001 Jetta vr6 glx hesatate on acceleration then not start hit the fuel pump and got it to start then backfired check engine light came on?
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