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Why would a 2001 Pontic Grand Prix GT air conditioning only work on the high setting?


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2008-04-04 20:21:58
2008-04-04 20:21:58

I have a 2002 Grand Prix GT that does the same dang thing!!! With the heat and the air!! Hey Bill ==It could be the resistor pack which is on the evaporator case. Check it out. GoodluckJOE THE PROBLEM MIGHT BE AS SIMPLE AS A RELAY FOR THE BLOWER MOTOR. I had to deal with the same thing on my 2001 Grand Prix GT, just last week. I turned out to be the blower fan motor resistor pack, which is located under the passenger side dashboard, behind the blower fan. It was really a b!t@# to get to, and I had to remove the fan, but once you get to it, its and easy fix. I fyou still have a hard time locating the resistor pack, look for two wires (either red and black, or purple and black) running to the blower fan motor.


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