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Fuel pump could be shot. The reason it will run after it has burned all the fuel that has been dumped into it, could possibly be caused by vacuum; as the engine is running the throttle body is actually pulling fuel from the tank, through the fuel line, through the fuel filter and dumping it into the engine. This is BAD, your throttle body was not designed for this. Check your fuel pump. (usually if you turn your key on but don't start the car you can hear the fuel pump prime the engine)

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โˆ™ 2005-12-04 11:08:31
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Q: Why would a 350 throttle body only start by pouring gas into it but then runs great afterwords?
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There is no signal being sent to the cpi on your 1993 blazer there is orange spark at the plugs engine obviously will not fire any ideas why there is no signal to the injector?

I have the same problem, if pouring fuel to the throttle body it will start and run, when hot it will not start even with fuel in throttle body.

Why will s 10 start only by pouring gas in tpi?

Assuming you mean tbi (throttle body injection) you may have a faulty temperature sending unit.

Why wont your 1991 Chevy s-10 blazer start?

i have to start by pouring gas in throttle body. when i first try to start it truns over and over . replace chrank sensor and ox sensor, senor under dirbib cap. change fuel filter too. can you help with this.

What can you do if throttle body is flooding engine?

if throttle body is flooding engine how can i fix .4.3engine on 88 Chevy blazer motor was running great on morning wont start. new gas tank plugs wires ,sending unit.and throttle body.motor turns over wants to start ,there is fire to plugs and fuel to throttle body,also new rotor button

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What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump for a 1991 Saab 900?

low fuel pressure on the fuel pressure check valve , which is located on the fuel rail that services all the injectors. the car will attempt to start but won't. pouring gasline in the throttle body will start the car but only momentarily..

When my car start the engine start to race and it wont stop any help?

Could be that the throttle plate (in throttle body) is stuck open. Try to "free up" by sticking a screw driver into throttle body

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Why can't my Murray lawn tractor be started Replaced plug fuel line and filter Runs when gas poured in engine but not with key start?

You say it runs when gas is poured in the engine but not with the key start. Two questions: (1) where in the engine are you pouring gas, and (2) how are you starting the engine if not with the key? If you mean you are pouring gas in the carburetor or in the spark plug hole and it starts with the key, but doesn't start if you don't pour gas in, the needle valve on the carburetor may be closed or the float may be stuck in the closed positiotion. You might also want to check the throttle linkage.

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No gas or the throttle box problem

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If you are having issues with it dying, start with cleaning your throttle body and clean or replace you Idler Air Control. That is mounted on the throttle body.

Have fuel to your throttle body on your 1998 350 will not start but will fire and try to start on either help?

fuel injector

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2000 Oldsmobile bravado must pour gas in throttle body to start?

Its obviously not getting fuel to the throttle body, this is most likely the fuel pump, but you should start by replaceing the fuel filter becase of the low cost.

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