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Why would a 91 Ford Probe clutch go all the way to the floor but it will not go into gear?


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2006-08-15 01:39:53
2006-08-15 01:39:53

lets assume no extreme stress to the car the answer is somewhat wide depending upon the circumstances.the likely possible reasons are bad clutch. bad throwoutbearing.adjustment needed or bad clutch cable or hydrolic system. finally but not the least bad transmission. *** If it's a hydraulic clutch, usually it's a bad "slave Cylinder" located on the transmission. usually have to "bleed" the Clutch Master Cylinder as well. -CE


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There is no clutch fluid reservoir on a 1997 Probe. On this car, it is the same as the brake fluid reservoir.

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cant its hydraulic if the clutch slips its time for a new 1

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you don't. it's hydraulic and, automatically adjusted hydraulically.

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Brand New 1993 Ford Probe right off the show room floor cost me "$29 800.00"

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