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The motor could be bad. Takeit to a garage. I have a 92 sunbird convertable I had the same problem Its the relay switch located in the trunk on the left side of the pump mounted to the back wall of the trunk with one screw Unfortunatly it is a very hard junkyard part to find and you have to buy a new one from a dealer and it costs about $120.00 or so (very high i thought for such a little part) so I f your ready here is a simple easy and cheap way to fix it. First pull the conector plug fromp the pump shold be two thick wires orange and brown i think put a wire in each one and run it to a good baterry one on ethe positive and one on the negative ( don't matter which one it works both ways one way makes it go up then switch wires other way goes down that will tell you if its the motoe or not. Then if the motoe works then go and get a high output 3 way switch and wire it your self deleting the relay and mount it in you dash then you have a new switch and you top should work good luck1

cheak all the fuses. there should be on and it proubley blew

The electric motor is bad.

I had the same problem and it was the top cylinder that are finish i replace the top cylinder and the problem was solved. It depend where you live it could be a $300. to a$500 dolars fix. i got the cylinder from the convertable guy on the internet

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I thought it was a major issue, too. One day I was talking to a friend with the engine running. I pressed the rocker switch and the top started to move. I found it wouldn't work with the ignition shut off yet the relay clicked...try it with the key in the "on" position.

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Q: Why would a 91 Pontiac Sunbird convertible top just make a 'click' and not go down when you push the button?
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