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Why would a 92 Buick LeSabre die sometimes when slowing down and take about 15 minutes to start again?

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2015-07-17 17:42:48
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owned an 85 ford ltd that did the same thing on a fairly frequent and annoying basis.

Think it was a pickup coil next to the distributor. Replaced it, it lasted for a short while, then started again. Some say that there had to be a coat of speacil insulating grease. Traded the ltd and think the garage finally got it fixed.

You may have a vacuum leak somewhere. check all your vacuum lines in the engine compartment such as the vacuum line to your PVC valve in that old of a car is a likely suspect but check all vacuum lines. Also you may have a vacuum leak in you brake booster get in a very quite place and listen for a vacuum leak sound as you press the break pedel under the dash you may hear it without pressing the break if you find no vacuum leaks through all this the EGR valve gasket may be leaking and need replacement sometimes a hollow tube or a short length of hose can help you locate vacuum leaks place one end near your ear and move the other end around the engine compartment. Though unlikely, unless the engine has run hot at some point you could also have a intake gasket leak you should be able to locate it with the hose. If the car is in a state of ilrepair a tune up may be in order if the sparkplugs have a heavy black sooty look to them when you take them out you could have carberator problems and it could be running to rich but I would look for a vacuum leak first that sounds most likely

it was the park neutral switch on top of the transmission. got it change at the dealer and it been running ok ever since.

I have an 88 LaSabre that did the same thing. I found a clogged fuel filter was problem.

I had the same problem on my 1992 Buick LeSabre. If I waited 15 minutes the car would restart. After restarting about 15 minutes later the car would cut off again. I could repeat this sequence over and over. I did some checking and found that the crank sensor was bad. Replaced this senser and never had another cut off problem.

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