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Most likely cause of this malfunction is a non-functioning headlight switch assembly. As the switch wears the springs that force the contacts from the dimmer switch to the electrical contacts that ground the signals for the lights wear as well and thus stop functioning correctly. Holding the switch back allows the contact to be "forced" so the lights will work. The headlight part of the switch has a similar problem there are springs controlling the three separate functions; "Off" (Daytime running lights) "Parking lights on" (Everything but headlights) and "Headlights on" (All lights on). You may be able to open up the switch and clean the contacts and get away with that for a while but your best bet is to find a car at the wreckers with low mileage and take it's switch, or pay the high price for a brand new one off GM.

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Q: Why would a 93 Cavalier RS in which you recently replaced a headlight bulb and both lights worked now only the day time running lights work and brights turn on when the lever is held?
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You replaced the headlight switch on a 97 dodge ram and the lights still do not work?

I also own a 97 Ram 1500. Recently my headlights would go out when I tilted the steering wheel into the down position. I replaced the multi-switch (wipers, brights, turn signal) and the problem was solved.

What could be the problem if only the brights work?

could be headlight fuse or headlight switch.

Do I need a headlight replacement if only the brights aren't working?

Yes you will need a headlight replacement even if it is only the brights that aren't working. There are times when you need your bright lights so don't delay in getting a replacement.

You have on very dim headlight and one regular headlight it is the same on brights if you mess with the dimmer switch it will get bright but then your tail lights go off what is the problem?

I would check all the wiring first. Then, you should probably figure out if any lights need to be replaced. That's my guess.

1990 Jeep Cherokee i know my headlights and brights are in the same bulb and my headlights come on but brights dont so i replaced the wiring inside the steering column and they still dont work ideas?

have you replaced the dimmer switch? if not that may be the problem. I had the same problem in reverse( brights worked but headlights didn't) water damaged the dimmer switch on the steering column once I replaced it all was good.

How do you fix it when your bright lights turn on but your normal lights don't?

There is a headlight out. The brights are sometimes a different bulb than the lowbeams.

Why would your headlights go off when you put them on brights?

Most likely they are burned out and need to be replaced.

What is the empty light slot on the Mazda 6 headlight for the one next to the brights?

This spot is for the optional fog lights. I wish mine had them.

If in order to have headlights on a 88 Mercury Topaz you have to hold the brights on would it be the headlight switch bad?

Yes, and hopefully nothing else.

Recently bought a 1997 and was told by the seller that there were no brights on this model when you turn the lights on the blue icon for brights is on but the lights are not overly BRIGHT?

I would first make sure the lamps are the correct ones for your vehicle.

95 Camaro brights?

what about the brights?

Why do my low beams not work but my brights do?

Check the fuse for the high beam headlight circuit or possibly a faulty selector (on the steering column) switch.

What does it mean when you put your brights on then turn them off one headlight works?

The question is a little hard to understand, but it sounds like your low-beam is out

How do you change truck headlight bulb change?

headlight bulbs changed,dimmer swich changed,headlight swich changed.key off headlight work low ,key on goes to brights. unpluged harness check ok at first ,but after a few try hi beam indictor would not go to low m-beam

How many feet do you need to be behind a car with your brights on?

You need to not use your brights when behind a vehicle unless there is reasonable distance. A few car lengths is not enough. My rule of thumb is, if I can see THEIR headlight pattern on the road in front of them, no brights. High beams are blinding, especially today with the higher brightness bulbs and the reflections in the rear view mirrors. If you are in doubt, TURN THEM OFF.

Mercury grand marquis headlights will not come on and have to hold turn signal lever toward steering wheel to get brights to work?

sounds like the headlight control mudule

Is the daytime running light bulb same bulb as the low beam bulb on 98 Chevy Cavalier because the daytime running lights work but low beams don't when the switch is turned on High beams work also?

On my 97 Chevy Cavalier the daytime runnings lights are the Hi beams (brights). Have you replaced any of the bulbs? Yes, same bulb. This means your headlight wires are corroded and BOTH headlights lost the ground, so the circuit is open. The wire harness runs in front of the radiator. Pull off the cowl as if changing your headlight bulbs. The inspect the wire harness for corrosion (green-blue grainy spots). Repair the corroded wire by cutting out the corroded part and bridging the gap with a new piece of wire.

What would cause Brights not to work on a 1990 Chevy Corsica?

either both bulbs burnt out highbeam only or you need a headlight switch (controls signals, cruise(if it has it), and headlights)

Why does the lights on a 1991 Ford Thunderbird turn off when the bright lights are turned on and come back on when brights are turned off?

Check all your grounds. Battery to block and your headlight sockets.

Why would only one headlight on 1994 dodge Dakota work when brights are turned on?

Generally speaking, high beams and low beams are two different elements in the headlight bulb, so if one is burned out the other can still work fine. you will need to replace the bulb.

How to set brights on 1994 grand voyager?

Pull the flasher handle towards you to toggle the brights on and off

How do you change the headlight on a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII?

If it is your dims, then it will require a Headlight Assembly Kit. Mine cost $1,800 for my '97 Mark VIII. You have to have everything replaced and they're kind of hard to find. The $1800 included parts and labor. It's mighty expensive but you can't drive a car at night without headlights! Alternative (and much cheaper unless you get a ticket from a cop) is to just use your brights if you don't feel like dropping 2 grand on headights.

Where is the switch for brights on a 1994 Chevy beretta?

I had this same problem when I first got my 94 beretta. To switch from your regular lights to brights, you have to pull the turning signal lever towards you to switch between normal and brights.

Is brights disease hereditary?


Which president had brights disease?