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Why would a 93 Mercury Cougar XR-7 accelerate and slip out of gear when going from 2nd to 3rd or drive to overdrive?


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2006-05-21 09:06:03
2006-05-21 09:06:03

trans worn out, get a newer taranny Try running the trouble codes before making exspensive repairs. It may be mass air flow sensor


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On a 1999 Mercury Cougar : Overdrive is the normally allowed position ( it won't shift into overdrive until the speed is faster anyway ) If you find that the transmission is frequently shifting between overdrive and drive ( such as hilly roads ) then it is best to use the transaxle ( transmission ) control switch on the side of your gear shifter to shut off the overdrive ( O/D OFF will appear in your gauge cluster )

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No , a 1994 Mercury Cougar is rear wheel drive

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Yes , the 1999 Mercury Cougar is FRONT wheel drive

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On a Mercury Cougar : ( 1999 to 2002 model years are front wheel drive ) Older model years are rear wheel drive

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no it is defently rear wheel ================================================== That would depend on which model year , there have been rear wheel drive and front wheel drive versions of the Mercury Cougar

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