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No '95 Neon should have a carburetor, if yours does then there's the problem.Seriously though its a throttle body injector and is controlled by your on-board computer.So many things can cause an OBD-II type system to go awry that it's a waste of time to try to guess what the problem is.More than likely its one of the dozen of sensor's you have that help regulate fuel.You need an OBDII compatible scanner to pull codes & diagnose the problem.Sorry to say but your best bet is a good repair shop.

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โˆ™ 2004-08-31 19:45:11
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Q: Why would a 95 Dodge Neon miss and backfire spit back through the carburetor when the engine is cold but runs ok after warmed up?
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How do you troubleshoot a Yamaha g2 golf cart carburetor?

my g2 runs full when you step on the pedal and is very touchy when going slow when looking for a ball and sometimes when its is warmed up it will backfire first before it starts running.

Why do you have to pump accelerator to start 396 and it has new carburetor?

If the engine runs well after it's warmed up, you just need to adjust the choke to make the engine start and run better when it's cold.

What is adjustment for eager beaver carburetor?

Two turns is usually a start for two cycle carbs. Then adjust after warmed up.

What device is used as the choke on an automobile?

Older, carburetor operated engines used a choke when you needed to start a cold engine. The choke would change the ratio of fuel to air by causing a slight vacuum above the fuel metering jets. After the engine had started, the vacuum was decreased, and once the engine was warmed up, the vacuum was released, allowing the carburetor to perform as efficiently as possible. The choke was a butterfly valve that was typically attached to the top of the carburetor. When the valve was open, there was no vacuum at the top of the carburetor, when the choke valve was closed, the vacuum was present when the engine was being started/warming up. Today's engines do not have a carburetor, instead they typically use fuel metering solenoids, referred to as injectors. Modern engines do not need a choke since the computer compensates for engine temperature and starting conditions, providing that extra fuel as needed. So basically, there is no choke on a modern automotive engine.

What would make a 97 Chevy 1500 with a 350 5.7 skip and be hard to star after its get warmed up?

Vapor-lock in the carburetor.

What does a car water pump do?

A vehicles water pump circulates coolant ( water and antifreeze ) through the engine and to the heater core and the radiator. The coolant is warmed up in the engine and the coolant carries the heat to the radiator where it cooled down before being recirculated through the engine again.

What makes a 93 ford aerostar engine stall when giving gas and the engine is warmed up?

The simpliest answer is to check the fuel filter. It may be starving the engine. Lets enough gas through to idle but not to run under load.

How do you fill transmission in 73 dodge coronet 318 engine?

you fill it through the dipstick tube, get a funnel and pour away until the dipstick reads full with the engine in park and warmed up and running.

What sensor controls amount of fuel going to engine?

what causes engine to missfire when warmed up on my 2002 accent

Why does a car suddenly started kangarooing unless you use the choke even when warmed up?

The choke will cause more fuel to be pulled into the engine and restrict airflow at the same time causing a rich fuel to air ratio. If your engine is cold it needs more fuel than it does when it is warm. Check for vacuum leaks that can cause too lean a mixture even after engine is warm. Also check proper calibration of this mixture through the carburetor, jets, ventures, etc. (optimal 14.7:1 for gasoline at sea level).

Does it damage the engine to turn on the heater before the engine warms up fully?

NO, it will not damage the vehicle engine by turning the heater ON before the engine has warmed up fully.

Why does your Subaru have engine knock?

Pistons lacking in skirts. If it continues after the engine is warmed up then you have something more severe going on.

What is the function of car thermostats?

Cars run better when the engine is warm. Thermostats stays closed to prevent the water from going through the radiator to be cooled until the engine has warmed to the desired temperature. Then, it opens to allow the water to be cooled to prevent the engine from getting too hot.

How do you use radation in a sentence?

"The earth is warmed by the sun through radiation"

What causes a chevy s10 hard starting after engine is warmed up?

The year and engine size would help us help you.

How do you check coolant level in a 1996 Jeep Cherokee?

there will be a see through/clear plastic resivior in the engine compartment. there are words saying add or full. check when then engine has warmed up. and always use caution as the fluid will be hot and is poisonious and corosive.

How do you check to see if carburetor leaking down overnight Rochester Quadrajet?

If you have to pump accelerator alot before it will fire, you have a leak. If you loosen fuel inlet nut after engine is warmed up, you should get a "spray" of fuel, not a dribble. If you have a dribble, this would be a vac leak allowing fuel to drain back to pump.

How high can a 289 engine idle be?

It should idle at aprox 650 rpms warmed up.

1995 camaro lt1 stalls after engine is warmed up and will not restart until engine has cooled down?

sounds like your ignition module

Engine knocking till warmed up on 04 5.3L Chevy Tahoe?

The engine on your 04 5.3L Chevy Tahoe could be knocking until it warmed up because of a bad fuel-air mixture. . The wrong oil could also be a cause.

The heat goes out when the car over heats?

the reason that the heat would cease to work when the car overheats is that the car is low on coolant. coolant is warmed by the engine as it transfers heat away from the engine. the heated coolant passes through heater hose and through the heater core. The blower motor blows air through the heater core warming the air and pushes the warm air through the vents in the car to you. the heater core is a small radiator in the dashboard of most vehicles. If there isn't coolant in the car, the engine becomes too hot thus the overheating. a side effect of this is that the lack of coolant means that coolant cannot get to the heater core to be warmed to warm you

What does the thermostat do in a 1994 Honda Accord?

Its job is to block the flow of coolant to the radiator until the engine has warmed up. When the engine is cold, no coolant flows through the engine. Once the engine reaches its operating temperature (generally about 200 degrees F, 95 degrees C), the thermostat opens. By letting the engine warm up as quickly as possible, the thermostat reduces engine wear, deposits and emissions.

How do you end the sulfur smell coming from my cars engine?

You may have a bad cat (and/or engine is not properly tuned). Make sure engine is properly tuned and do not use heavy acceleration until engine is warmed up.

What happens to air as it passes through the respiratory system?

air is filtered, warmed, and moistened.

Would belt tensioner make loud squealing noise from engine when cold then go away when engine warmed up?

why is there squeek noise when starting and then goes away when engine warms up