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Probably the idle air control solonoid. Have it checked out and cleaned. Also have the throtle body cleaned where the throtle plate is. It builds up a carbon ring there. your car ha a lock up converter it is not unlocking it is either the lock up module itself or its a relay internal in trans

2005-01-12 21:27:40
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Why would a 2002 vw beatle automatic would shake on reverse only?

It sounds like your motor mounts ? may have gone out.

What would cause an automatic Honda Civic to shake a little bit when starting from a complete stop?

Check to see if your emergency brake is on.

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i would do it for around 120....depending on it being automatic or stick......around 250 if you had it done at a midas

What would make a 1999 ford contour shake and shut off would it be the cadylac converter or the clutch in the automatic transmission?

sounds like the torque converter is locking up, bring it to a transmission shop.

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well it could be more than likely the flywheel is loose or warped check that first

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