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Why would a 95 Land Rover Disco stall when driving in wet weather?


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2011-09-13 17:15:01
2011-09-13 17:15:01

that is very extrange situation but i got the anwer for you. i am land rover tech and i like to help. ok do this take a water hose and start the car, spray water to the crank sensor, ( the crank sensor is located on the left side of the engine next to the cat) if the car stall that doesnt mean that the crank sensor is bad, since the problen ocour on wet weather and if you do what i said so that meas that water goes inside of the crank connection or cable. so check the wires and i bet that youll find something there. if you do just put some insulation tape one wires and youre done, if that cures the problem send me an email just to know that i helped you.


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Even a good EGR valve may cause an engine to stall in hot weather.

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There are several reasons an engine may stall while driving, here are three.The fuel tank is empty and the engine is starved of fuel.Not enough power to climb a hill causing a stall.Faulty or damp electronics on a petrol engine can also cause a stall.

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There are a few reasons why a car might stall when cold. The car might just be stiff from the cold weather.

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No, but they do need something to protect them from the weather elements

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