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it sounds like the timing belt has blown.remove the belt cover and look while trying to start..

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โˆ™ 2005-11-16 03:21:28
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Q: Why would a 96 for Escort cut out whilst moving- The engine turns over but wont fire- Have checked the HT leads- What else could be wrong?
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Your speedometer went down to 0 whilst the car was still moving so you pressed on the accelerator a bit more and it went back to 60MPH after about 2 seconds Would this be a problem with your engine?

This is a problem with the speedometer, not with the engine.

Can a gearbox in a vaxhall vectra be changed whilst the engine is still in the car if so how?

no engine will have to be removed

Warming up motorcycle?

Of course.As with ANY engine, let it warm up for at least 2-3 minutes at idle.Most engine wear occures when put under load whilst cold,because the oil has not had time to reach all parts of the engine, and moving parts have not expanded to their optimum clearances.

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Ford Fiesta ghia whilst driving car cut out when started again the engine was rattling changed spark plugs still rattling checked leads no sparks on 1 and 4 sparks on 2 and 3 help?

coil pack

Peugeot 206 dashboard shows yellow light with engine on it?

It is a fault indicator usually for an engine or cat fault. If the light does not go off in a couple of days. You will need to get it checked out by a professional. If the light goes out after a day or to, no futher action will be needed, by for peace of mind maybe get it checked out. They can plug something into the on-board computer to check exactly what the fault is. Drive carefully, whilst you have this problem as it can casue major damage in the long run.

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Why does your corsa engine occasionally rev up whilst driving?

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Why would a 1997 Ford Escort die while driving if it's not hot and is getting power to everything and will turn over but not start?

Check to make sure the air filter is clean. If it's clogged it can prevent your engine from having proper air flow. Had this happen to me on 1999 escort - turned out to be broken fuel pump. Alternatively the fuel lines could be blocked/twisted but this is unlikely to happen suddenly whilst driving.

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Have power in brakes whilst driving but no rear lights replaced bulbs switch and fuse what else can be checked?

It would help us to know what make, model and year you have.

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If it is an interference engine valves can bend when hit by the pistons.

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What are the causes for my used BMW R1100GS engine cutoff automatically while running?

If it starts easily from cold but cuts out when warm, suspect CDI ignition unit. Also could be a faulty switch on clutch or side stand interface (designed to stop the engine being started whilst gear is engaged or run whilst side stand is down).

What causes your 2003 Chevrolet Blazer to get hot at stop sign but cools as you drive?

When you arrive at a stop sign (or any prolonged stop whilst your engine is running) the cooling system can't handle the heat from the engine. But when you drive the air cools the engine

How much head gasket failure 1999 Ford Escort?

depends on if it needs a skim, have a shop around your local garages, but take into account new stretch bolts, and a timing belt as theys should be replaced when ever the head is taken off, if your planning on keeping the car for a while you may aswell change the timing kit and water pump whilst the engine is in bits

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