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Oil level is low. Serious engine damage will occur if this is not corrected. Check the oil level!

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Q: Why would a Lexus ES300 oil level light stay on?
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How do you turn off the airbag indicator light on the Lexus ES300?

I would unplug the battery. This will reset your clock, etc., but it should turn the light off.

Why is the brake light on the dash on in your 1996 Lexus es 300?

I have a 1994 Lexus ES300 and when my brake light came on, it meant that one of my brakes lines had busted. Eventually I had NO brakes. Not sure if this would apply to yours. Get it checked out before it is to late.

Why would the Radio stopped working in a 1998 Lexus es300 fuses not blown?

Radio in 1990 Lexus LS400 stopped working, possible answer?

How much would it cost to repair or replace a 1999 Lexus es300 transmission?

it would cost more than $2,000

Lexus es300 and you change the thermostat and it still overheats what would you do if whaterpump is brand new?

See if your rad is plugged

How many miles do you have to drive to reset for an emission test on a 1997 Lexus Es300?

150 you would be safe, could be as little as 75

Where can you find the PCV Valve on a 1999 Lexus ES300?

should be on top of valve cover This picture will help you find the PCV valve What you really need to know is that if your engine has been desludged the L shaped plastic PCV valve would have been replaced with the metallic, straight screw in PCV valve first introduced in 2002.

What would make a 1993 Lexus es300 to jerk back and forth when taking off?

I had a split in the rubber tube from the air filter to thr intake

How long as in minutes or hours to put on brake pads on a Lexus es300?

Completely depends on the skill of the person attempting it, but a few hours would be plenty of time.

What would cause the 'rear light failure warning' light to stay on in a 1996 Lexus ES300 even though no bulbs are burned out?

It may caused by a light installed that don't match the factory specifications, could be the wattage is a bit off or something of that nature. It could also be the lamp failure sensor. On the LS400 it is located in the trunk on the drivers-side just behind the backseat. The sensor activates the warning light when there is a break in the circuit for the brake lights or the tail-lights.

What would cause heavy clunking sounds from under rear of car when moving?

Just had that problem on the rear of a Lexus ES300 and it turned out that both rear sway bar frame bushings were worn out. After replacement the car sounds quiet.

Why is there water under the passenger seat of your 2001 Lexus rx 300?

I had a 1996 es300 and was allways getting water on my passenger floor. The problem was some type of condensation from the air conditioner. i do not know if this information will help you but i figured i would share it with you.

You are looking into a Lexus es300 98 model with 90000 miles on it you are also looking into a Camry 97 with similar miles you were wondering how maintenance cost on the Lexus is going to be compared?

As the Lexus is Toyota's premium brand the parts to repair a Lexus will be more expensive than the same parts for a Camry. But the Lexus is one of the most reliable vehicles you can buy. At 90,000 miles the Lexus and Camry both have many miles left before they need any major repairs, assuming they were serviced regularly. Look closely at each car and see if it appears they were taken care of. I would pick the Lexus over the Camry although both are very dependable automobiles.

What would cause the left signal light on a Lexus ES300 to blink rapidly if the right signal light blinks at the normal speed?

One of the bulbs is burned out on the left side. The left front or rear bulb is burned out. Same problem with left side blinking rapidly and right side blinking normal speed. Both left side bulbs are lighting up, however?? Replaced both anyway and the problem still exists.

How to replace a power steering belt on a Lexus es300?

I have a 1997 ES 300 Lexus and my belt that controls the power steering when out, what is the name of that belt (and I thought I would just replace the other one as well, as they have 2) and the bigger belt so I can get pricing? If I take it to a mechanic what is a reasonable price for the labor and parts together and separately? Thank you kindly for whoever answers

What level of intensity should a warmup be?

it would be light

How much will it cost to replace timing belt on 2000 Lexus ES 300?

I just replaced the timing belt on a 2003 Lexus ES300 at the Toyota dealership and paid hundreds less than what the Lexus dealership or other shops I got quotes from wanted. It was less than $400.00 for the timing belt only... I had them check the water pump which the other quotes included in their estimates and which I couldn't afford at this time. If the serpentine belt would have needed replaced, it would have been an additional $40.00. This was in Centennial, Colorado (close to Denver).

Where is the spoiler light fuse for 1992 Lexus sc400?

I would say that it's in the drivers side panel by where your left foot would be but behind the side panel.

What effect would a sudden decrease in light intensity have on the photosynthetic level of a particular plant?

The level, or rate, would decrease.

Why is 1995 Es300 Lexus not going to gear?

On my 1994 ES300, the gear selector would not budge from the Park position. In the interim, I could occasionally employ the override found on the front-right of the console: remove the rubber cover and press down on the nylon switch with a thin screwdriver. The real culprit was the brake-light switch found under the dash, triggered by the brake pedal assembly. Simple to replace for about $25 (at an aftermarket parts store). To test alone, back up against wall in dim light. Step on the brakes. If the brake lights don't shine, then the safety won't release the tranny gear selector. Or just get a friend to stand behind the car to tell if the lights come on when you step on the pedal.

Why would it be hard to find the ideal CO2 level if the light intensity were very low?

because if the light change so would the temperature

If the front signal light is blinking fast in your Lexus ES 300 what do you need to do to get it to work properly and how would you do it?

I would look at the REAR signal light on the same side of the car. It is probably not blinking at all and the bulb needs to be replaced.

What level is a light in the attic?

I would say that it is probably a 2nd or 3rd grade level of reading.

Why would a 1995 Lexus ES300 red brake light indicator on dash go on and off randomly?

On some cars low brake fluid can cause it to come on. GoodluckJoe If your brakes are very worn, it will take much more fluid to depress the calipers. This will significantly lower the amount of brake fluid in the reservoir which will trigger the brake light to illuminate. This happened to me and when I put on new calipers the light didn't come on again. I had the same problem on my 1993 ES. All the rear light bulbs worked, but one was dim and the resistance was higher than the others. I replaced that bulb and that took care of the problem. No more dash light warning.

Why would someone go to Lexus financial?

Someone would go to Lexus financial if they were interested in obtaining a loan for a new or used Lexus vehicle. Lexus financial offers competitive rates and often has special financing deals available to customers.