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Why would a Mazda 323 stall when slowing down?

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the cluth, need to adjusted or need new one.

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What would cause a truck with a manual transmission to stall when slowing down to a stop?

vehicle is still in gear, step on clutch

Why does 1994 Oldsmobile 88 Royale stall when slowing down to make a turn or stop?

Perhaps a vacuum leak

What would cause your Nissan Maxima to stall while driving mostly when slowing down?

Any number of things. Take the car and have it checked by a Tune-up shop.

What can cause a 2005 Mazda MPV to stall while driving and can be restarted immediately this happens frequently?

I had the same problem. It would stall out after coasting down a hill. Cleaned the throttle body about six months ago. Has not stalled since then.

What is slowing down motion?

its when something is slowing down

Gradually slowing down?

Gradually slowing down is 'decelerating'.

Why does a 1992 Chevy pickup sounds like it wants to stall when you stop or slow down?

Symptom of bad fuel filter= stalling when slowing down to stop at lights or stop signs.

What causes a 2002 sable to stall and start after about 5 minutes?

If it stalls at idle or when slowing down, it could be a fuel filter. Or it could be the ignition control module.

Why does a 2002 Oldsmobile integra stall when slowing down?

*In most cases*, this is caused by a sticking Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid, also called a TCC solenoid.

Why would a car vibrate and cut out when slowing down?

push in the clutch

Why does 1995 Toyota Camry run fine around town but frequently stall when slowing down after a few miles at highway speeds?

Check the fuel filter, it might be clogged.

Why would a 1982 S-10 V6 run fine for a while then just stall out when slowing down?

speedo hooked up or working properly? Assuming that has the 2.8 L engine with a carburetor, the carburetor may be in need of a rebuild.

What would cause a vibration in slowing down a car?

Warped brake rotors.

Why would your 94 mercury tracer Manual stall only when you slow down and turn a corner and it'll start right back up and work fine until the next corner?

Take a look at the intake manifold gasket could have a leak. This problem could cause your 94 to stall when slowing down or coming to a stop. This may not be the problem but not uncommon for these cars at high millage.

What is the musical term for slowing down?

adagio Ritardando ... the term 'adagio' is a tempo, not the act of slowing down.

What is the direction of acceleration if the car is slowing down?

There is no acceleration if it is slowing down. It is decelerating.

When would acceleration be negative?

When a moving object is slowing down, i.e. its speed is decreasing.

What would a negative acceleration tell you about the object in motion?

What is the rate of it's slowing down.

What is another word for acceleration while slowing down?

That would be "Deceleration" or negative acceleration.

Is slowing down a noun?

no it is not

What does rallentando mean?

Slowing down

Can a body accelerate without speeding up or slowing down?

No, a body can not accelerate without speeding up or slowing down.

Why would your car seem like it should down shift then stall out?

Failing transmission

An object that is accelerating maybe slowing down or speeding up?

yes the acceleration can take a negative value. for example an object with an accleration of -2 ms-2 would be slowing down. However this is normally called deceleration.

Deceleration is the rate of?

slowing down