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My '93 Tracer Did the same thing at about 150K miles. Check the heat shield to see if it has come loose. I just removed mine completely because it had fractured and would have to be welded back in place.

AnswerIt's probably a motor mount. I had a bad shake in any gear if I gave it any gas at all and it ended up being the most visible and easy to replace mount, hanging off the cam gear end of the motor. (passenger side, up top, little round thing that's holding the motor to the car.) The mount was less than 30dollars new, easy repair.


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Q: Why would a Mercury Tracer have a rattle when accelerating when the engine is warm?
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What could cause a rattle noise on front of motor when accelerating or slowing down in 2000 Chevy Tracker?

The rattle may be caused by either a bad bearing in one of the pump wheels, (ie water pump, power steering, etc.) or the belt tensioner has seized. My tracker's tensioner had seized up, and while it didn't rattle on acceleration or deceleration, it would rattle when the engine was started on a cold day, due to the belt being lose. It wasn't a squeal either, but it sounded like someone was shaking a pop can full of marbles. Living in northern Ontario Canada, we have some cold days, and it would rattle quite loudly. Other than that i really have no other ideas. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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