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I'm assuming that you have an automatic transmission. I have a '95 SW wagon with 315,000 km on it and it's going strong. At about 120,00 km, it would hesitate and jerk, particularly in reverse. A new valve 'pack' had to be put in and the car has been problem free ever since. Make sure the engine is tuned and at the right rpm, as a high idle could cause a problem also (this happened to me). I suggest finding a good general mechanic and a transmission specialist as soon as possible to avoid damage to the transmission. I change the fluid more often than called for and drive smoothly and this seems to help prevent premature failure. *My 2003 Saturn Ion was jerking violently on take off. Turned out to be a transmission sensor that needed replacing. The engine idle is not adjustable. If you have a high idle, check for a vacuum leak of take it to a trusted shop.

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Q: Why would a Saturn jerk into gear?
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What would cause a 1997 Cobra Mustang to jerk while driven in any gear?

You could have ignition problems if it is the engine causing the jerk.

What would cause your accord to jerk and NOT accelerate at 3000 rpms in each gear?

igniter is possibility

Why would an automatic transmission jerk into second gear and make a hissing noise when the gear is changing at higher speeds?

Check the mounting of the gear box, because the mounting of the gear box is like shock absorb.

Saturn vue revs high when it changes gear and does not go into gear when you come to stop?

I would first check the transmission fluid level.

Your 98 lumina quit driving going down the road it wont move in any gear the trans fluid is full it wont even jerk when put into gear any suggestions?

I have a 95 Lumina 3.1 and it would cut out of gear when I would stop, it turned out to be the sprag gear in the transmission. $$$$

What causes a 1995 Saturn to jerk when put in gear?

I have a 1995 saturn 2dl and just had the water pump changed anf a new radiater put in. I drove the car all day and it did fine until after 1 hour and then it started jerking and died in my parking lot. What is causing this jerking?

What does it mean when you are driving and you can feel your car jerk into gear?

change the map sensor

What causes a car to jerk in and out of first gear?

Poor driver or bad transmission.

Why would the odometer of a 94 Saturn still not work after replacing the odometer gear that had teeth missing?

I've had the Gear on the tail shaft come loose where the cable goes into the transmission.

Why does your car jerk when slowing down?

it jerks because if it is automatic it is goin down a gear

When i put car in 4 gear car jerk?

you may not be at a high enough rpm

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