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Why would a Saturn jerk into gear?

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2006-06-21 11:51:49
2006-06-21 11:51:49

I'm assuming that you have an automatic transmission. I have a '95 SW wagon with 315,000 km on it and it's going strong. At about 120,00 km, it would hesitate and jerk, particularly in reverse. A new valve 'pack' had to be put in and the car has been problem free ever since. Make sure the engine is tuned and at the right rpm, as a high idle could cause a problem also (this happened to me). I suggest finding a good general mechanic and a transmission specialist as soon as possible to avoid damage to the transmission. I change the fluid more often than called for and drive smoothly and this seems to help prevent premature failure. *My 2003 Saturn Ion was jerking violently on take off. Turned out to be a transmission sensor that needed replacing. The engine idle is not adjustable. If you have a high idle, check for a vacuum leak of take it to a trusted shop.

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