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Why would a car make clicking noises and not start?

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AnswerSounds like the starter or battery. First try to jump start vehicle. the to test starter if you can locate it under hood , you can take a RUBBER hammer or mallot and hit lightly a few times and try starting vehichle. If it starts then you need to replace starter. DO NOT attempt this procedure if you are not mechanically inclined or knowledgable. you could damage something else.
2014-06-03 21:03:26
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First check the cables going to the battery and where they connect to the battery and the body of the car and engine and to the starter if all of that is good then I would think that it may be the starter.

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Sounds like the battery went dead or you have loose/dirty battery connections.

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Check your battery terminals one is either loose or the grounds are bad.... On the firewall.... The clicking is the starter not getting enough power... No Clicking means no power or bad starter..Or you killed the battery(no power).. Google starter problems etc...

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