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Why would a car making a rattling noise at the front left especially when in 2nd or 3rd gear and accelerating?


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2006-01-30 16:46:07
2006-01-30 16:46:07

Check wheel bearings - quickly! Very dangerous left unrepaired!


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The rattling sound in the front of a 1995 Honda Civic wheels can be caused by wheel bearings. These bearing allow the wheel to turn and when they fail the produce a loud noise.

possibly your front upper control arm bushing are out.

You might want to have the CV joints checked. When bearings start to go out, they make a "clicking" or "rattling" noise while driving - especially while making turns.

I had this same problem so I opened the hood and come to find out there was migit materbating under it

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check the exhaust line one of the heat shield (metal plate between the pipe and the cab) migth be loose

It is your heat shield making the rattling , you can go to lube xpress are anywhere with a lift. They can take that off easily for you. Another rattling problem: My 2000 Ls sounded as if the front end was falling off when I hit small potholes or while driving on rough surfaces. I found that the front anti sway bar bushing was worn allowing movement. It wasn't noticeable by hand. The bushing are not available for replacement they come as part of the sway bar itself. I purchased one at a local Ford dealer for $125.00 It took 6 hours for me to replace it and had to pull it out from the drive side wheel well. It was very cumbersome to do but it eliminated the rattling completely.

A vibration in the front end of a Volvo S60 while accelerating is due to imbalanced tires. Swap the tires until the right combination is achieved.

Front or Rear wheel bearings may need changing, can be a tire out of balance, bent wheel, motor count broken, just to name a few things.

The sway bar end links could be damaged on a vehicle that is making that noise. Also, check the dust shields on the front brake assembly.Ê

Mines was doing the same thing and the solution was to replace the front U-joint. Its fine now.

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Most don't rattle. You will need to give much more information.

Could be the timing chain. Its at the front of the engine where the belt is. Almost dead center. But check the water pump also. I had a bearing go out in one and it also made a similar noise. Its lower and toward the front of the car . Still on the engine.

if its front wheel drive its the C V joints in the axles

the car has been making a rattling noise from the front end when idle and when i give it alot of gas my fuel is being sucked dry as well as there is an ungodly smell from the rear end

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