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Why would a car not be going into gear at all?


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2005-02-05 13:33:00
2005-02-05 13:33:00

If your transmission is a manual one, chances are, that you have a hydraulic clutch cylinder that has gone out. The sure fire symptom of this is, you have the car's engine running, you are ready to put it into gear, whether it's a forward gear or reverse. Nothing happens, you depress the clutch and you can't get it to go into gear. Your cylinder is bad. You don't specify what ype of vehicle it is or even if it's a manual, but the automatics usually go into gear but they will have other problems like slippage. Clutch cylinders use brake fluid, dot 3 or dot 4 and can be bled like the brakes on your car. So look for a vertical tube on the drivers side of the engine, close to where your brake fluid master cylinder is. It really depends on model and year to give better diagnosis. But, if automatic, fluid is full, and there is no movement (not even a hint) the trans is bad. A faulty torque convertor or bad pump will do this. Dan the tranny man.


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That would depend on the gear ratio between the engine and the wheels, and in the diameter of the wheels. The transmission of the car lets you change the gear ratio, so in low gear the car may be going 15 MPH, while in high gear the car may be going at 70 MPH.

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The pivot bearing can cause your car from going into gear, once the car is started. The pivot bearing is located in the transmission.

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even though you are driving to the same place, if you are going fast and you are on a high gear e.g. gear 5, as to going slow on gear 3 you are using more car energy so you are using more petrol going Georgia davies

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Fault with the clutch probably.

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may be second gear or third gear with preparetion before you go down hill

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