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Your vehicle could simply need a clutch adjustment.

i have a 83 Toyota Camry and it slips out of gear and i have been told that it is the syncro that is gone and that is why it slips out of gear but for the cost of fixing this id rather go with the clutch adjustment

I have to say I have many years experience in standard transmission. I have had those problems with the transmission popping out of gear. In my case it was the first gear tooth was broken. This surely is more a sensable answer. The sycros, is what allows you go in and out of gear without clutching. The adjustment of clutch is only going to allow you shift gears.

how do you know he or she is talking about a standard transmission what kind of trans is it automatic is it standard?if its an auto its just very possible it needs some fliud,hense you would have a leak,INFO INFO INFO NEEDED.i would think that this answer asking for more info would be the more sensible answer


OK, first off the individual is more than likely asking about a manual transmission because they mention "clutch adjustment" which occurs only with a manual transmission. An automatic transmission has clutch packs and bands with friction material on them that tighten or loosen around a drum inside the transmission..among other things. It is safe to assume it's a manual transmission as the vast majority of people would not know about clutch packs in an automatic. At least ones searching on wiki-whatever..

Second, the synchronizers in a manual transmission aren't for allowing you to shift without using the clutch, that is called rev-matching and when you do that you are actually doing what the synchronizers are designed to do in the first place. They have friction material around the inner side and when you move the gear shift you are moving forks connected to syncros in the transmission. The syncro uses the friction material to more or less slow down or speed up its rotation to match the gear and teeth you are about to match it to (to whatever the engine speed is). When you rev-match you match the engine rpm to that of the syncro. The use of the clutch takes the pressure off of the teeth that are mated or about to be mated allowing you to change gears. If you can match the rpms there won't be pressure on the teeth until you put the car under load by accelerating once in gear again.

As long as the car does not grind, the linkage is most likely fine and any adjustment will probably have no affect. Unless it's adjusted too short to the point you never actually get the car in gear completely.. if it hasn't been tampered with then your problem more than very likely lies with the synchronizers in your transmission. If the car has been put under much distress the teeth on the actual drive gears themselves may be worn to the point they "pop out". You may not know the complete damage until it's taken a part. My 2-cents.


Jumping out of gear in a manual transmission is useually a sign of a worn detent in the internal shift linkage under the shift cover. The purpose of a syncro is to allow for a clash free shift into gear. Syncros do not hold a gear selection in gear. Worn external shift linkage that does not allow enough travel to trip the detent will also cause this, like in the old collum shift 3 speeds. Worn linkage is more often than not the root of the problem. If this an Automatic trans the list of causes is HUGE. If it is automatic prepair yourself for a trip to the credit union and the transmission shop because it's most likely worn clutches and clutch drum seals. RE: Expensive work! Seldom is it something as simple as a pump or a converter.

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Q: Why would a car slip out of gear?
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Why does a car slip out of gear?

automatic: the band or bands controlling the activation of gear are worn OR the friction plates are worn manual: the gear teeth are worn or out of allignment

Can a parked car with an automatic transmission slip out of gear if the car is parked on a steep hill?

It could slip out of park, but most likely would "park lock." This would mean the parking pawl would jam inside other parts in the transmission, making it tough to get your car out of park. Sometimes pushing the car is the only way. Use the parking brake on a hill.

Why would a 1993 Mazda mx6 slip out of gear intermittently?

5 speed or automatic?

Why does the at transmission on a 1993 Honda Del Sol slip out of gear when it warms up then shut the car off and re start it then it grabs?

Worn out gears in a transmission will cause the transmission to slip out of gear. The gear may be war only on one side, causing the transmission to work properly. At times.

Why does your Toyota t-100 truck slip out of first gear when you take off sometimes?

because your car has problems...

Why would transmission all of a sudden slip and not engage in first gear?

It could because of the first gear is worn out. It would be a good idea to have it looked at by certified mechanic.

What sensor on a automatic transmission would make it slip?

Transmission temp sensor can cause a slip or high rpm before shifting to next gear.

What is the d2 in a car gear box?

That would be the second gear of your automatic transmission.

What would cause transmission to all of a sudden slip and not engage in first gear?

Sensors got wet

Is it bad for the car engine if you change third gear to second gear in 30mph?

If would not be bad for a car engine to shift from third to second gear if you are traveling at 30mph.

How can you tell what gear ratio you have in a 1993 ford f150?

On the end of the drivers door on one of the information stickers you will see a 2 " character " axle code such as " 19 " ( which would be a 3.55 non - limited slip ) , " 18 " ( which would be a 3.08 non - limited slip ) " H9 " (3.55 limited slip ) " B6 " ( 3.73 limited slip ) The code is used to look up the type of differential and gear ratio

When your 1988 Honda Accord is cool it will go into gear but when the car gets warm or hot the transmission starts to slip what does this mean?

It needs a rebuild.

Forgot to mention that the car don't slip in any gear it just feels like there is no difference in the pedle even when the pedle is to the floor when started in gear the car Thank you?

Mine does that too, I couldn't figure out what causes it, but it feels like a weak differential maybe?

Why would a 1974 VW Super Beetle slip out of fourth gear when cold or when going up a hill?

Most likely the shifting fork insde the trans is worn. Normal for a older car. Just drive it.

What tools and accessories should you have in your car?

Major car accessories used within car are car perfumes and air fresheners, attractive car seat covers, floor mats, dashboard covers, anti slip mats, gear knobs and gear shift boots etc. It is also smart to have a car jack and a lug wrench in case you have to change a flat tire.

How do you know your transmission is slipping?

i could tell when i press on the gas and it just whines up then as you let of the gas slightly the car will then slip into the next gear.

Why does your manual transmission slip out of 5th gear?

the synchronize in the transmission is bad, that why the jumping out of fifth gear

Why would your car shake when it is in gear and and idleng but not moving Same for when not in gear shakes when it waunts to out of gear. but shake when in gear and at idle?

Check your motor mounts.

Why would a car not drive in any gear?

no transmission fluid

What causes a clanging noise when you move your car into gear not while driving the car?

That would be your transmission. It may be slipping, or you may be lossing a gear. Have it checked.

When driving in snow is it better to be in a low gear or a high gear?

Usually a high gear is better in snow because it does not slip as easy.

How fast is a car going at 2000rpm?

That would depend on the gear ratio between the engine and the wheels, and in the diameter of the wheels. The transmission of the car lets you change the gear ratio, so in low gear the car may be going 15 MPH, while in high gear the car may be going at 70 MPH.

What are the advantages of a gear?

they dont slip even if they have broken teeth

Why would a car start but not go when put in gear?

My guess would be a broken transmission.

Would car shake in gear if transmission filter goes bad?