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Why would a car stall while driving and the lights dim?


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2006-12-18 00:17:14
2006-12-18 00:17:14

You may want to look at your alternator as the cause. Good luck Your problem could be the alternator or alternator belt. Check belt first for wear or slippage, then check the alternator. NOTE: DO NOT disconnect the battery while the engine is running to test the alternator. In years past you could get away with this, but with modern cars, more sensitive electronics, etc., disconnecting the load (battery) from the alternator causes voltage spikes which WILL damage electronics and burn out headlights. You can turn a simple ~$100 repair into a major repair, $1000 or more, by doing this. If you don't know how to test an alternator, or if you don't have the proper equipment to do so, have the alternator tested at your local garage. They'll do this for a nominal fee, and will apply it to the repair charge if the alternator is bad and you decide to have them replace it.


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