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Why would a car suddenly cut out on always the same section of freeway and then start again?


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2015-07-14 16:46:36
2015-07-14 16:46:36

wire to the knock sensor is loose, and breaks contact in the turn. fix broken wire connection

It's a haunted freeway :O

sounds crazy but check to see if there's a cellular transmission tower off the side of the highway where its stalling....

when you get an engine cutting out first thing to do is change the fuel pump relay you can get small hairline crack on the small contacts so you must change the relay people will think that it is the fuel pump but relay's are cheap so you start there first next idle control valve may be sticking clean with carb cleaner next check and clean the air flow meter if smoking check and clean the crankcase breather other things to check but this will do for now.


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