Why would a car with a standard transmission not go uphill even in first gear?

Hey Richard==I imagine the clutch is weak and slipping. Have it checked out and replaced if necessary. GoodluckJoe

A temporary "fix" is to buy some baby powder. Find an access hole at the back of the engine where the transmission bell housing is located-- it will show some gear teeth that the starter uses. Have a friend pump on the clutch pedal several times while you squirt baby powder into the clutch hole. Make sure the transmission is in neutral and engine stopped, of course! Don't EVER get under the car with the engine running, please. If you need more than once, start the engine, work the clutch. Stop engine and repeat with baby powder.

The baby powder will soak up any oil on the slipping clutch and provide some temporary "grab" . You still need a new clutch. But I have driven a slipping clutch--carefully--for three months this way. When taken apart, the clutch had pieces all over the bell housing.