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Why would a car with a standard transmission not go uphill even in first gear?


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2010-04-14 04:31:03
2010-04-14 04:31:03

Hey Richard==I imagine the clutch is weak and slipping. Have it checked out and replaced if necessary. GoodluckJoe

A temporary "fix" is to buy some baby powder. Find an access hole at the back of the engine where the transmission bell housing is located-- it will show some gear teeth that the starter uses. Have a friend pump on the clutch pedal several times while you squirt baby powder into the clutch hole. Make sure the transmission is in neutral and engine stopped, of course! Don't EVER get under the car with the engine running, please. If you need more than once, start the engine, work the clutch. Stop engine and repeat with baby powder.

The baby powder will soak up any oil on the slipping clutch and provide some temporary "grab" . You still need a new clutch. But I have driven a slipping clutch--carefully--for three months this way. When taken apart, the clutch had pieces all over the bell housing.


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Is the vehicles transmission downshifting to a lower gear as you go uphill? If not, that would be your first place to look. After that I would suspect that your engine timing is not autmatically advancing as it should be.

A drop in speed while going uphill is normal for most vehicles. If the speed is more than 20 mph slower than when first ascending the hill, there could still be a problem with the transmission or an oxygen sensor.

It can be done but it would not be cost effective. Better just purchasing another 1995 Escort with a standard transmission.

Automatic transmission fluid would likely cause a standard transmission to overheat and wear the gears at a high rate.

Why would want to do that ? Manual transmission own.

You can do anything you want with money but it would be much cheaper to just buy another escort that is a standard shift.

I thought I could remove and replace the transmission in my Blazer, I did get it out but I didn't want to put it back in so I paid a local shop to come and get the blazer, transmission, and all the parts that had to be removed to get the transmission out and finish the job. I would suggest that since you are asking this question, maybe you would be better off going to a transmission shop in the first place. Mine is an automatic, a standard transmission would be much easier.

It would be cheaper to repair or replace the automatic transmission. There are too many differences between a standard transmission and an automatic to economically swap in a standard.

Shifting gears without syncros in your standard transmission would be anything but easy.

That would be a car with a standard shift 6 speed transmission.

A long bike ride that is partially uphill be would be considered vigorous physical activity.

If it is an automatic transmission then you would have to remove the transmission fuid pan and it is the first thing you will see in there. I would also recommend that you drain the fuid first... but I would also recommend that you take it to a trained professional to do. You need to keep the inner workings of your transmission clean.

I would explain "standard," as something being something plain, basic, or something that does not have many features. I would give an example such as a "standard game system only comes with one controller." "But the deluxe system comes with two controllers." Or, say, "A standard Barbie comes dressed in a bikini, with no other clothes or shoes. You have to buy those things separately."If you are talking about "standard," as in automobile transmission, I would say that a car with a standardtransmission requires the driver to move the gears with his or her hands in order to drive the vehicle. But, in a manual transmission is built so that the driver does not have to move the gears in order to drive the vehicle.

If you mean a standard (manual) transmission, you have two options. You can get a 6-speed automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission. I as myself would take the 6-speed manual because it has better fuel economy and it is faster from 0 to 60 and the quarter mile.

I would check the point gap and timing first. If that does not correct it, I would check the carburetor float level.

Stripped transmission, low transmission fluid.

No, that would indicate transmission problems, is it a standard or and auto?

There are several things that can cause your automatic transmission not to go into first gear. The most common cause is low transmission fluid.

The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) would be found on the right rear of automatic transmission or transfer case. If it is a standard it would be found on the left rear of the transmission.

Sure, but you will have to change many, many, many other parts along with the transmission. I would suggest purchasing a 1990 Bronco like yours that has a standard transmission to use as a parts car.

If it is a transmission problem- First step would be to change trans. fluid and filter If it is a transmission problem- First step would be to change trans. fluid and filter

The year, model and standard or automatic transmission info would help.

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