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This is a question for your agent. It could be an administrative error.

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Q: Why would a car you cosigned with someone show up on the bill of the car you have insured only in your name?
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Can you get homeowners insurance on someone elses property?

You must have an insurable interest to effect valid coverage. Property must be insured in the name of the owner. So if you want to buy someone else a policy for their property you can certainly pay the bill for some else's property insurance but you can not insure it in your own name. If you insured someone else's home in any name other than the legal property owner and it burned down or suffered some other loss, the Insurance company can not legally pay your claim simply because the property does not belong to you. They would also not have to pay the owner because he or she was not an insured on the policy. The proper way to insure it would be under the name of the legal owner, If you also have an insurable interest in the property, then your name can be added as a co-insured. Should a claim arise, the claim check would be issued under both names.

Why is your first auto insurance bill so high?

Depending who insured you.

What did Farmers on the social security act saw it primarily as?

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The bill for my car comes in my name but I also have a co-signer whose name is not on the bill I need to know who legally owns the car?

If you cosigned for the loan you are joint owners of the car.

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Can a lawyer still bill a deceased person?

Yes, but he is unlikely to get paid. The family of the deceased owes nothing for the decedent's debt load unless they cosigned a loan.

How much would the fine be if you damaged someone else's car?

THer is no fine per say for damage to someone elses vehicle unless you were doing something illegal at the time the damage occurred. You are howver, legally responsible for all cost of repair to the vehicle you damaged. If you are insured then you should submit the repair bill to your insurance company and they will take care of it for you.

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Who pay for bonding insurance?

The insured ** simply bill it back to the company that requires the bonding by including it in your pricing to them **

If you cosigned for your son and his girlfriend for a cell phone and they let it go back with a 300 bill can you take her to small claims court?

Yes. You have a legal right to sue to recover what is owed.

If someone else is borrowing a vehicle that's not insured and have an accident and is at fault what happens?

It's not the owner of the vehicle's fault because if that person got in an accident there is nothing the owner could do. If this happened to you, the person borrowing should pay the bill.

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Can a cosigner sue the primary borrower for the entire amount of a loan?

You can sue for anything if you can find a lawyer to take the case, but collecting would be something else. You cosigned, promising the bank that you would make any payments that the borrower did not. THERE IS NO AGREEMENT THAT SAYS THE BORROWER WILL REPAY THE COSIGNER. IOW, you are SOOL. After months of unsuccessfully trying to get the person I cosigned the loan for to pay his bill - I sued him. He got scared because he knew I would get the judgment because he agreed to pay this bill and that's why I cosigned in the first place. He knew a judgment on his credit report would cause him lots of problems. So after he received the court summons and we appeared before an arbitrator he agreed to pay an extra $125 per month to settle the loan faster in exchange for me not requesting a judgment. I also received a signed document by him and the court that if he missed even one payment again - it would go into an automatic judgment on his record for the balance due on the loan plus $500. I'm glad I didn't wait for the loan to go into default and ruin my credit before I took action.

Is it legal to bill using a postcard?

No, although not illegal billing someone by postcard is not guarding their privacy and what person would want a bill on a postcard without details of the charges on it.

can someone help me pay my utility bill?

Go to They will help. Fill out the application. I would speak to your local church, I'm sure they would be willing to help you out with your bill. You might also be able to get an extension.