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dirty fuel filter, needs oil change.

Answerloss of compresson ie. worn rings, leaking head gasket, burnt valves

incorrectly adjusted linkage to foot pedal to maifold

bad fuel pump, dirty fuel or air filter, dirty injectors, clogged exhaust or worn turbo,bad or dirty EGR valve or cat convertor on models so equipped

AnswerFirst and foremost, air filter. I have a diesel truck that experienced the same problem. You might see excessive smoke as well when this is happening. Change your air filter. You should be changing it at least once a year anyways and maybe even more if your dealing with dry desert like conditions. AnswerI once had a diesel rabbit that was killed by a sucession of bad mechanics including a dealership and so called radiator specialists. Loss of power came on along with overheat on drives over fifteen minutes. It turned out that half of the radiator was blocked. The slow death came on because the raditor was half working. Whne my engine was changed at a junk yard, the juhnk yard mechanic discovered the problem that killed my original engine and was never properly diagnosed by the dealership and the so called radiator can colling specialists. This may not be your answer, I hope it is for someone drawn to your inquiry. answer2 things will stop a diesel DIRTY fuel and a DIRTY aircleaner but if weather is extremely cold, diesel will gell (freeze) and engine will lack power until diesel warms up Answerperhaps your turbo has blown if it is a TD TDi or CDTI etc..
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Q: Why would a diesel car lose power?
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Why does your diesel car lose power?

Lack of fuel, lack of air flow, restricted exhaust.

Will your car give and lose power if the liters are cracked?

i would say loose power

Why would your car lose power after starting and shut down?

its faulty

What would cause a car to lose power on inclines?

Not enough horse power or in the wrong gear.

Why would a diesel car lose power and is there any timing adjustment on diesel cars?

A dirty air filter will cause a lost of power, also a clogged fuel filter will - Yes there are timing marks - but they are on the injector pump & usally don't change unless the hold down is lose. A good injector cleaner is a good idea to use when you fill-up.

Why does a car lose power?

runs out of petral,but that's power for a car so yes

What would cause your car to shake when coming to a stop and lose power?

You may need rotors

If you have a good alternator in your car why would it still lose power?

Bad battery, Parasitic drain.

What are the symptoms if water gets into diesel car engine?

A small amount of water, engine will idle poorly and lose power. A large amount of water, engine will cease to run.

What type of power is a car?

Gasoline, diesel or electric - it's all fossil fuel power.

Why does your diesel car lose power while driving?

Could be a number of reasons.. you could be losing compression, you could have a clogged diesel particulate filter (if so equipped), worn components... you'd need have have it inspected to narrow down the cause.

Will car lose power when turbo goes out?


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