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It sounds like you got some rust in your tank that corroded the fuel sending unit as well as the in tank pump. Other possibilities would be the fuses. Check them all to make sure none of them are blown. Depending upon where you live, a mouse or squirrel might have chewed through some wires and tubes to build a nest. It could be numerouse things, but I would check the simple ones before dropping you tank.

2008-02-13 18:33:41
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What is the engine oil capacity of a Toyota 2e?

I am putting 3 liters on my xe. it is exactly in its full gauge.

What is receiving gauge?

receiving gauge is to receive the part/component as per fitment, orientation, & strength etc. for next assembly of the part.

How to fix overheat in my toyota lucida 3c engine?

First check your oil gauge. if it is in correct gauge of oil try to over size your radiator. toyota lucida was design for the strret of japan so for a humid country you need to oversize your radiator.

What happens if the coolant temp sensor on 97 toyota camry is bad?

Your temperature gauge does not work, and the engine might run rough.

Where is the oil sending unit for the gauge on a 1992 Toyota Pickup 3.0 V6?

Just to the left of the Oil filter towards the front of the engine.

What does Gauge Check light mean in Toyota cavalier 2.4 1999 model?

The gauge check light is just a reminder to check your gauges.Probably your fuel gauge is below a set point.Just put gas in it and it will go off. Rember..its not the check engine light...

How do you repair the petrol gauge in a Toyota tazz 1.30?

where is the voltage regulator on a toyota tazz

How do you fix a 1990 Nissan 240sx gas gauge not registering gas?

Have you checked the gas floater in the gas tank?

Where is the location of the check engine light on a 1996 ford ranger?

Check engine light : Gauge cluster without tachometer ( under the engine oil pressure gauge ) Gauge cluster with tachometer ( just to the left of the battery voltage gauge )

Toyota sequoia oil pressure gauge reads below zero n does not move to the zero mark or above when ignition turned on even with engine running is this normal or is gauge failed?

I had this happen on my 2003 Sequoia while under warranty. I was a defective gauge and required replacement. Type your answer here...

What could be the cause of a fuel gauge not registering in a 2002 Buick LaSabre?

maybe fuse or the sending unit. hope that helps

What is the role of the boost gauge in an internal combustion engine?

A boost gauge in an internal combustion engine has the role of a pressure gauge. The gauge indicates the manifold's air pressure or a turbocharger or supercharger's boost pressure.

What can cause the dash temperature gauge in a 1995 Toyota Camry to read hot all the time when the engine is not over heating?

Could be bad news. Have it checked for a cracked head gasket. I had a similar problem with mine -- had to replace the engine.

What do dashboard symbols in a Toyota Corolla mean?

The dashboard symbols on the Toyota Corolla as well as other vehicles are designed to help you know that your car is running properly. You will find your engine light, oil gauge, hazard lights, and blinkers with your dashboard symbols.

Could a dirty radiator be the reason a 2001 malibu is registering over the halfway on the temp gauge after the thermostat has been replaced?


2001 Toyota Camry 10 amp Gauge fuse keeps blowing and alternator stops charging?

When I had this problem with my 1999 Toyota Solara, the issue ended up being a faulty oil pressure sender unit. The 2001 Toyota Camry uses the same engine (and very likely the same sending unit) as the 1999 Toyota Solara.

Toyota Camry LE 2005 cooling fan not on when the engine is on?

It's not supposed to be on. It comes on when engine reaches certain temperature. But if you see that temperature gauge is going in the red area you need to check the fan relay, its fuse, and the temperature sensor.

Why don't my fuel gauge work on my 90 Toyota 4Runner?

its broke

Does the gauge that tells you if your engine is running hot have a fuse or sensor?

Your engine coolant temperature gauge has a sensor ( there is also a engine coolant temperature sensor that is used for the computer / PCM )

Temperature gauge not working on Vauxhall corsa?

Possible causes of gauge not working. Faulty gauge Blown fuse. Open circuit in wiring to the gauge. Temprature transmitter in engine faulty. ( most probably the actual fault ) Lack of coolant in the engine.

Why does yourTemp Gauge climb too high when first starting then turn it off the gauge goes back to where it usually runs 89 Toyota 22r 4x4 pickup?

You may have a sticking thermostat. Find where the radiator hose leaves the block and tap the body with a screwdriver handle when the engine starts to overheat. If the engine cools itself you need a new thermostat.

How do you calculate psi of an engine?

With a compression gauge.

The engine temperature gauge isn't working so how do you fix it?

It could be a faulty gauge, a faulty sensor, or a wiring problem. What engine do you have in what year car?

What does it mean if your oil pressure gauge is high?

If your oil pressure gauge is high you have to much oil in your engine. Overfilling your engine can result in you blowing out your gaskets.

Should the fuel gauge work with the engine off and key in run position?

Yes, key on, engine off, the fuel gauge should work.