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You mean because "he's a guy and that's what we do" isn't answer enough?

Please give us an example of his behavior and we can answer you question more accurately.

This is a different person and I think it is most likely because he likes you but he knows you don't like him. He wants to ask you out but he knows there is no use. So he starts acting depressed and weird and unhappy and grumpy and hangs out with you less often.

Girls just find guys weird because they act silly to impressed girls and they're girls not guys.

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Symptoms of a virus infected computer?

if it suddenly runs slower and if it begins to do strange things.

What do you do when your best friend suddenly hates you?

Ask him or her why he or she has changed? Is it something you have done? Can you put things right as you really miss he or she not being your best friend?

When was Strange Things Happen created?

Strange Things Happen was created in 1992.

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What strange things happen at mid-day

When was Strange Things Happen at Sundown created?

Strange Things Happen at Sundown was created in 2003.

How do I know if im possesed by a demon?

this strange acting, you are most likely to be...more agressive, sounding different, hurting yourself daily, and doing things you dont remember doing. If all these things you have, go to a church right away! D8

Why do things stay where they are?

things stay where they are by no force acting on it

What strange things float?


Can demon posese you?

Yes it's one of the most possible things in the magical lifestyle so if you see someone acting wierd here are the signs of possesion. Strange behavior, confusion, so called forgetfulness, and strange questions about their life or things that have happend recently. If you see someone you think is possessed try and spot these signs and don't confront them about it if they ask you strange questions answer them with I don't know. For all of you in this situation, be careful.

What is the theme of the book the hardy boys the end of the trial?

Its just a story about the boys going on trek and suddenly their friend biff gets hurt and the start discovering new things....................

What strange things happened to the referee during the Quidditch World Cup?

The referee became entranced by the veelas and began acting bizarrely. When he finally shook himself out of this, he wanted to send the veelas off the pitch.

What are the some strange things of Stonehenge?


What are the lyrics to the little shop of horrors song suddenly Seymour?

"Lift up your head Wash off your mascara Here, take my Kleenex Wipe that lipstick away Show me your face Clean as the morning I know things were bad But now they're okay Suddenly Seymour Is standing beside you You don't need no makeup Don't have to pretend Suddenly Seymour Is here to provide you Sweet understanding Seymour's your friend [AUDREY] Nobody ever Treated me kindly Daddy left early Mama was poor I'd meet a man and I'd follow him blindly He'd snap his fingers Me, I'd say "sure" Suddenly Seymour Is standin' beside me He don't give me orders He don't condescend Suddenly Seymour Is here to provide me Sweet understanding Seymour's my friend [SEYMOUR] Tell me this feeling lasts till forever Tell me the bad times are clean washed away [AUDREY] Please understand that it's still Strange and frightnin' For losers like I've been It's so hard to say Suddenly Seymour He purified me [SEYMOUR] Suddenly Seymour He purified you [AUDREY] Suddenly Seymour showed me I can [SEYMOUR] Suddenly Seymour showed you you can [BOTH] Learn how to be more The girl that's inside me (you) With sweet understanding Seymour's my (your) friend."

What phobia is the fear of things that are different?

Xenophobia is the fear of things that are foreign or strange.

Strange things that happen to people?

At mid-day, the sun and heat would cause strange things to happen to the boys' eyes, which Piggy explained to be mirages.

Strange diseases Victorian times?

Strange disease in the Victorian Times were called things like Typhus.

What is another word for doing things?


Why do you randomly get upset about the death of your grandfather?

Because if someone is especially close to their grandfather, they may suddenly feel stong and upsetting emotions about that person at random times. Love does strange things, and if you love a person enough, their death can scar you for life.

How do you cheer up a good friend?

By being there. Your friend probably just needs somebody to listen to them and not try to judge or "fix" things or anything else. Just let them vent and get it out of their system.

Me and one of my friend were so close for past 3 months. But suddenly there seems to be a gap. He feels another friend who he knows for the past 3 years is not in good terms. what m i to do now?

Try to get close to your friend and comfort him/her about the other friend. Offer your help mediating and to find out what happened between them. If your friend doesn't want to sort things with the other friend, try to be there for them to take their mind off of it.

What is a strange thing but fabulous and also unreal?

A unicorn, Pegasus, centaur or mermaid are strange things that are fabulous but unreal

What is Selena Gomez's favorite things to do?

acting and singing

What are Robert Pattinson's favourite things?

Music and acting.

What are Miranda Cosgrove's favorite things to do?

Acting and singing

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